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Max Factor Glossfinity Nails - Midnight Bronze

Today's post isn't very long but I felt the need to share with you my most recent nail varnish finding because I am SO pleased with it!

Max Factor Glossfinity

Last week I got this Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish in Boots, I was immediately drawn to the colour because I'd had a Revlon one a while back that was a very similar colour which ran out and has now been discontinued (story of my life).

The colour of this one is number 60 Midnight Bronze. 

Glossfinity in 'Midnight Bronze'


What I love about it is that its got a lovely shimmer to it, and also, get this, I put two coats on last Friday and its still going strong.  I've just remembered that I didn't put a base or a top coat on either so I think that's pretty impressive.  I've had a couple of little chips but that's it.  The bottle says "Glossy Nails for up to 7 Days" and actually that's true and in my experience that almost never happens so I'm really pleased.

There are 26 signature shades of Glossfinity and I will certainly be buying some more, I've got my eye on a really nice purple one!  I think they are really good value for £5.99.  Here's a link to the Max Factor site if you want a quick look at all the other colours.

Max Factor Glossfinity Nails

I didn't see all 26 colours in Boots but they definitely had a good range.

Love, Maria

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