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Poorly is not Pretty

It had to happen.  The boys seem to have had a cold for most of January, I've managed to dodge it up until now but the other night I woke up with a really sore throat and uh oh, here we go.  It's just a cold, not flu but I feel horrible anyway.

So, I've been knocking back Night Nurse and wow its strong!  But it does work, you have to be careful not to use it with other products containing paracetamol though, that's very important.  Usually, I'm awake at the slightest sound of one of the boys moving in the night but I slept right through a "bad dream" emergency the other night and had to be shaken awake!

I'm all for soldiering on but being poorly isn't pretty is it?  Red nose, very pale face, bloodshot eyes, dry skin, sore lips, the list goes on and on (oh and the dreaded cold sores - yuck).  I've devised my own little makeup regime for poorly days, for me less is definitely more.  If I wear too much make up trying to disguise all the flaws I just seem to look worse.

So these are the products that have saved me this week:

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

Max Factor Mascara

Laura Mercier angled cheek brush and powder brush

Witch Hazel Concealer

Dainty Doll Blusher

Max Factor Lipstick (No 804 - sadly now discontinued!)

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

I didn't use any foundation as it just made me look worse, so I just used a bit of concealer and a swoosh of powder on my face, then put the blusher on.  For my eyes I used the paler colours of the Naked Basics palette and a little bit of mascara on the upper and lower lashes.  The red lipstick looks really bright but its actually one of those ones that goes on very light which is what I used it for as it made me look just about human, but if you need a deeper colour use a lip brush and layer it on!  I like this one as it stays on even when you're using a tissue every five minutes to blow your nose.

The Naked Basics palette is a recent purchase and I am really impressed with it.  The colours are so lovely and its really long lasting make up.  I've been using a Bobbi Brown neutral palette which is very similar but these colours seem to suit me better.

Anyway, lets hope that's the last of the germs at least for a while!  Half term next week, think I might just stay in my PJ's all week ...

Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday Morning Make Up

Berry Lips (Grazia)
This week its half term so I've been doing quite a lot of magazine catching up whilst the boys are off school. They've been whizzing about here there and everywhere and I've been catching up with Grazia, New Woman, Good Housekeeping and more.  I've just realised we are now almost at the end of October, which means ... its nearly winter!  And, there are "however many" weeks/days until Christmas so my children tell me (but I'm ignoring it until I have to deal with it).  So, as I looked at my dressing table on Monday morning, in its usual higgledy piggledy state I thought I'd better make an effort with my make up, Monday morning was what I call a "pyjama day" where you want to stay in your PJ's all day and not go out, it was raining and very dark, so dark in fact, that I had to put my little make up light on and made a mental note not to overdo the blusher for fear of ending up a bit too pink when I went outside!  This has happened to me before and I end up furiously scrubbing it off my face guided by the rear view mirror in the car!

Dainty Doll Blush by Nicola Roberts
I chose an autumnal eye colour, Astor Gold and brown/black mascara and a black/brown liner.  I put my faithful Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts blush on (which is like a little bit of springtime on your face) and then had to ponder, which lipstick?  Lipstick was definitely required, face too pale and tired to leave the house without it, but which one?  The magazines I've been reading have been raving about winter berry colours, which I've been excited about for weeks because I love those deep colours but my favourite Olay one was discontinued years ago and I've failed every time I've tried to replace it.  After much rummaging in various make up bags I found a Rimmel London long lasting lipstick, called Drop of Sherry so I popped that one on.  With this lipstick, as well as being a lovely rich colour it is also long lasting and moisturising and tastes a bit like almonds.  I'm not really sure why it was squirreled away in an old make up bag but I am glad I found it, it'll be at the easily available on my messy dressing table for the rest of the winter.
Drop of Sherry by Rimmel

I've realised you can't go wrong with Rimmel London, the range, the colours, the cost, its pretty fantastic actually.  Plus, they always have fabulous adverts and very well known models wearing the brand, if its good enough for Kate Moss then its good enough for me!  I "liked" their facebook page the other day and even their posts that come through on my newsfeed are entertaining.  

Anyway, I've been wearing Drop of Sherry every day since Monday but I am going to try some of the other berry colours that Grazia magazine and others are recommending.  So watch this space for another berry review.

Gold, by Astor

Lovely red nails (Revlon advert)

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