Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

I'm the first person to admit to being picky when it comes to mascara, because I've tried so many and just been disappointed time and time again.  That's why I used Max Factor 2000 Calorie for 20 years because every time I diverted to something else it was never as good.  That is, until I started to use Eyeko Lash Alert last year.

Eyeko Lash Alert has caffeine in it which perks your eyelashes up (their tag line is Wake Up and Go and you definitely do!) and it's also got Arginine Biotinoyl in there too which stimulates lash growth.  My eyelashes have definitely felt a lot stronger since I've been using this, I had noticed they were getting very sparse which happens with age I know, but they have never been particularly long and they are fair so I really wanted to do something to stop them deteriorating.  I really love the brush because it's slightly curved and the bristles are natural and not plasticky or hard, I use the travel sized ones mostly because I find that I am more precise with a smaller wand.  One coat is good but two is excellent and lasts all day.  It doesn't flake and it's easy to get off with an eye make up remover.  I use the Garnier or Nivea eye make up removers with a cotton pad. 

As well as Eyeko I also used one from Rumi Cosmetiques (I'll do a separate post on that one) which also works really well and I tend to alternate between the two.

If you look on the Eyeko website you will see that there is a great deal of choice when it comes to mascara, lots of different colours, for example recently they did a green one and a deep purple colour which was also very nice.  I just stick to black but I can see how those colours would look lovely on the right person.  I also got a free eyeliner pen with the last mascara I bought (one that can do 'flicks') in brown, I was dubious because I am useless at wet liner on a top lid but actually I have managed pretty well with the Eyeko pen, better than anything I've used before.

An 8ml mascara costs just under £20, a travel size 4ml one (these are the ones I use) about £10 but you can very often get these on offer and get a free one as well so it's worth checking out the Eyeko website to see what they've got on.

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