Thursday, 24 February 2022

My Make Up Collection - and how I've decided to blog about it

So, I've been isolating half the week with Covid, luckily mild symptoms so not complaining (although could have done without it over half-term because I had LOADS planned, none of it exciting just jobs).  Anyway, while I've been in my room kicking my heels and blowing my nose I have also been sorting out my make up and it occurred to me that I have a lot of it.

A lot.

Not just a lot but actually masses.  So much make up.  More make up than I will ever get through in my lifetime I think.

And I thought to myself, why am I not recording what I've got and why I bought it and if I like it?  I know that's the point of my blog really but I got so taken up with how to write posts, like "Top 5 blah blah" and "How To etc etc" that actually I forgot that the entire point of writing the blog, for me, (when I started it in 2013) was literally just to say "look I've got this and this is why I like it (or don't like it)".  It's really that simple a blog, truly.

So that's what I'm going to do.  Blog about what I own.  Some of it I've had for a while, years in fact.  It wasn't until I had the sort out that I realised that there was so much and such a lot of it I'd forgotten about, for example I have a Natasha Denona blusher that I used a few years back all the time but it got shoved to the back of a drawer and I haven't touched it since then.  Got to get that out again for sure!

I also have a lot of skin care and hair products, again - a lot.  So I will probably pop some of those on as well.

Please join me in my make up re-discovery journey because who knows what I'll find 😊


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