Friday, 5 February 2021

Wander Beauty Wandress Off Duty - palette review

This is a little chat about a palette I've had for ages but put it in a drawer and forgot about.  I think  because it was part of a larger haul that I got from Sephora and when I got home I put it away and have only just rediscovered it.

I have to say I had to Google 'Wander Beauty' because we don't have them here in the UK and I wasn't sure who they were, but you can get hold of them on the Cult Beauty website I was pleased to discover, and they have a whole range of gorgeous products, they are also vegan, paraben free, cruelty free, gluten free and dermatologist tested.  

At this time of year I shy away from colours like this because I am at my palest at the beginning of the year and these colours suit me better when I'm freckly or have a bit more of a healthy glow.  In fact, most of my palettes are on the neutral side but tend to be cooler colours, this is a much warmer palette and with the exception of one colour (Shoreline), have a bit of shimmer to them.

As you can see from the photo they have lovely summer names such as Starfish, Unplug, Sun Kissed, Shoreline, Heat Wave and Desert Island.  I had a bit of a practice the other day and when blended together these colours give a lovely bronzed, healthy look and you can add the slightly darker colours (Sun Kissed and Desert Island) for a smokier evening eye.  I realise I'm speaking as if we're all going on holiday and who knows if that's going to happen this year what with travel bans and corridors and the pandemic but let's pretend we are!

This retails at £24 and while lovely, if you're a fan of fancy packaging I'm not sure you'd think it was worth it because the packaging has more of a cardboard/plastic feel to it (it's probably recyclable which is highly commendable and it does come boxed) and you can get a small Too Faced palette with 8 colours for £22 in packaging that feels a bit more substantial and which closes properly (this palette uses a magnetic strip to gently click shut).  That said, this is light and you could definitely put it in a bag and carry round without any issue for touchups (it doesn't come with an applicator though).

I'm not sure I'd replace this if I finished it but I would definitely try some of their other products because as a brand I really like them and there's no doubt this make up is lovely, and extremely well put together.  It would be nice to try a lip product I think and maybe a mascara.

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