Friday, 18 January 2019

Tired face pick me ups from Too Faced and Soap & Glory

This week I've been really tired.  Actually I'm tired all the time, January saps me of all my energy, I can't sleep properly, my skin is pale and I've got a recurring sinus infection too which means I've got a tissue stuffed up my nose most of the time.  How lovely!

What I would really like to do is get on a plane and fly to much sunnier climes for a couple of weeks, just to get a bit of vitamin D and grow some freckles.  Unfortunately this is not going to happen anytime soon so in the meantime I have been trying a few things out to make my tired face look a bit more awake in the mornings and to cover up the purply rings under my eyes.  I don't usually suffer with dark eyes, I think the sinus infection is to blame for that!

Obviously, I've been using my trusty Clinique 72 hour moisture surge moisturiser (which is so good it deserves a post all by itself, I will do this) but I've also been using two other products, the Too Faced Hangover primer and a Soap and Glory concealer round my eyes.

I'm the queen of primers, I have many and I use them all.  I wouldn't go without one as they really do work for me in terms of making my skin look and feel better and it makes my foundation stay on better as well.

Too Faced Hangover Primer

Well this is just lovely.  It smells like coconut (because it's partly made out of coconut water) so that's brill as I love the smell.  It's also quite a thin consistency so it sinks into the skin very quickly and gives a sort of cooling feeling.  It's got probiotics for the skin in it as well, I think this is what the "perking up" ingredients may be because once I've put it on my face definitely looks a lot better.  I got this from Debenhams beauty department but you can also get it online.  If you click the link it'll take you straight through to the product.  There is also a Hangover spray but I haven't tried that yet.

So that's the face sorted, next it's onto the eyes.

Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment Under Eye Dark Circle Concealer

I've always been very happy with anything I've bought from Soap & Glory, it's not just the cute packaging I like, it's the products.  I've never had anything I've been disappointed with and I think it's really reasonably priced as well.  This product is an under eye concealer dedicated to banishing those dark circles (purple in my case).

I like it because it's sheer and not too heavy.  Sometimes those under eye concealers can look cakey, settle in lines and basically make it all look worse!  This product has got little gold pigments in it which not only seem to cover up the darkness but also reflects light which gives everything a much brighter appearance.  I got it from Boots, you can see it online (click here).  It was £9 which I thought was reasonable for a drugstore and highly affordable with Boots reward points if you've got
any.  I don't know if they do more than one colour but the colour I got was called Bright On.

Photo below of me and my littlest boy on Monday morning, broad daylight having done make up under artificial light (I told you I hate January).  I am wearing both products, believe me the purple circles were worse before (no filter!).


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