Monday, 7 January 2019

New Year, New Me ... my easy resolutions for 2019

New year, new me!  Isn't that what I am supposed to say?  Well, actually I am quite pleased that it's a new year as I think I sort of just dragged myself through the last few months of 2018 and I do like a nice fresh start.

I used to really dislike new year.  I thought all the hype was ridiculous, that it was just another day (which it is of course), and that resolutions were stupid because they were all unattainable, usually diet or exercise related and everyone is fed up by February and goes back to being exactly how they were in December the year before.

As I've got older however, I can see the benefits of having a marker in the sand which signifies a fresh start.  Not complete change but drawing a line and moving on in a positive way, if that's what you need.  I think most people do reflect at the end of a year which is a good thing, if you're stuck in a negative rut it's a good time to get out of it isn't it?

I still don't really do resolutions though.  I sort of do "I'm intending to's" so I'm sharing my list of intentions for 2019 ...

  • I will work really hard on my OU course and get the best mark I can.
  • I will not worry that my work isn't good enough!
  • I will make more effort to feed my kids enough fruit and veg.  And myself.
  • I will listen to more music and less talking radio stations (less depressing!)
  • I will quit the gym as I don't go and I will get my exercise DVD's out and do those.
  • I will find somewhere of use for all the spare single socks in my house (someone must want them, surely?)
  • I will put the lids back on my on my concealers so they don't dry out and go gloopy.
  • I will try not to drive round in a messy car anymore, for god's sake Maria get it valeted!

I think those are attainable, right?  I will also try to write more than one post every five months 😉

Random photo of one of my favourite concealers Clinique Beyond Perfection


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