Thursday, 31 January 2019

Let's review ... January

Bye January, see ya!

God, I hate January.  I'm sorry but I do.  It's dark and cold and feels literally endless.  There's even the cheek that there's 31 days in it not 30 and we all know that makes ALL the difference, right? (Perhaps that's just me???).  Also, the snow.  I don't like snow.  Pretty but treacherous, that's how I feel about snow.

Anyway, I for one am glad that tomorrow is February but I thought I'd just do a little review of what's been going on in January, in a few bullet points just to pull it all together and make it feel like it wasn't just one long round of getting up in the cold and dark.

Things I've enjoyed ...

  • The taste of Chunky Chocolate Slim Fast shake with extra protein.
  • All the family birthdays we've had (3) in January.
  • Going on two dates with my husband and having an actual conversation and one of them did not involve the kids!
  • Getting back into exercise, walking more and keeping an eye on my fit bit.
  • Using my slow cooker.   I've had it ages and only just started to use it.  Wish I'd done it before - so easy and the kids love it!

Things I haven't enjoyed ...

  • The snow/rain/wind
  • Getting up in the dark
  • Saying "blow your nose" and "use a tissue" and "wash your hands I don't want your germs" to my kids for the entire month.  There has not been a single day where we have all been fully well.
  • Mopping the kitchen floor every five minutes because the dog is always out barking at rabbits and then comes back in and makes a lovely little paw print trail on my kitchen tiles!

Things I'm proud of ...

  • Writing my essay on child attachment for my OU course and submitting it before the deadline.
  • Ignoring the cupboard full of Christmas chocolate.
  • Seeing a really nice pair of sandals in Marks & Spencer and not buying them because I DON'T NEED THEM IN JANUARY!!!
  • My eldest son's first podcast.
  • Writing more than four blog posts in 31 days.  Given that I only wrote four in 365 days last year ... oops.

Things I bought ...

  • Several lip balms (including Nivea, Carmex and Burt's Bees - reviews to follow).
  • A nice green jumper from Long Tall Sally.
  • A pair of brown boots exactly the same as my black ones (to ring the changes a bit!)
  • Tax for the car.
  • Insurance for the car.
  • A replacement dishwasher for the one that went kaput before Christmas.

As I type, the temperature has dropped to minus 1, hopefully by the February review it will at least be attempting to warm up a bit!


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