Sunday, 10 September 2017

Positive Goals 2017 - how far have I got?

This year I decided not to have resolutions because frankly I'm rubbish at them, they last about five minutes and I never get anywhere.  I decided to have goals this year, goals sounded so much more achievable, I really thought about it and wrote them down and then I wrote a blog post on them.

This is the original blog post - click here to read

Actually, there were 8 positive goals and I remember I did that because I thought it would be inspiring (for me, not anyone else).  I was happy with them.  Then, the other night when I couldn't sleep I got to thinking about them, and the fact that we are in September already which is really freaking me out and I wondered where the year had gone.  And, indeed, if I'd managed to achieve even one of the things I set out to do.

It's fair to say that for me personally, this year has been trying for me, caught up in family stuff which will always come first and everything else taking a back seat.  It's about priorities and this year literally from Christmas I've been spinning plates, dropping some of them but mainly keeping most things in the air.  I guess that's why there weren't many blog posts written until a few weeks ago, I didn't have time or energy or the brain power to write and it was very frustrating because I really wanted to but couldn't.

So, that's a bit of the background.

Let's go over the goal progress.

Goal 1 - Grow my Avon business
I think it's fair to say that it hasn't grown but it is ticking over and I've had quite a lot of success selling excess stock in my shop on eBay, something that I hadn't even thought about when I wrote about these goals.
Goal Met?  Not really.

Goal 2 - Get rid of all the shoes I don't wear 
I have had two shoe clear outs this year and am due another one as I've still got two or three plastic boxes of shoes that very rarely get worn.  Also, some of them have very high heels and they'll have to go because they make my knees ache.  I'm reluctant to get rid of my beloved heels but I do need to be able to walk and it's really horrible having stiff and achey knee joints.
Goal Met - Yes!

Goal 3 - Sort out my utility/laundry room
This was a biggie and had to take a back seat because room renovations were not on the top of our list with other stuff going on.  However, I have recently had a look for cupboards and I've got an architect coming round to tell me what will fit and I've had a conversation with the guy who's going to do the fitting so ... I'm hopeful it'll be done before Christmas and if not, early 2018.
Goal Met - Nearly.

Goal 4 - Lose half a stone and increase my pilates classes
How I laughed, lose half a stone ... put half a stone on more like.  Oopsie, fail.  However, I have increased my pilates classes - go me!  I've also been pretty consistent at the gym, though over the summer I hardly went at all but now school has started again I've got more time in the day and can go then.  I've also had a bit of an epiphany about body image this year which I'll write more about in a different post. 
Goat Met - Half met, half not.

Goal 5 - Read all the links I've saved on Facebook
Ok, so I haven't read them all but I have gone through them and deleted the ones that are no longer relevant.  Having said that I have now added new links to read 'sometime' so .... I think I might be back to square one.
Goal Met - Not really

Goal 6 - Increase traffic to my blog
In a nutshell, no it hasn't increased but then it hasn't decreased either.  What's changed though is that I am ok about it not increasing whereas before I was a bit "I must get hundreds of views on each post".
Goal Met - Nope!

Goal 7 - Start to research my ebook
Well, when I wrote this I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to write about and while I haven't changed my mind about the subject, I have got different ideas as to the format of the book.  So I guess you could say I have started to research it, and I've definitely researched the publishing side of things (that's a whole ebook in itself frankly).
Goal Met - Yes

Goal 8 - Start a newsletter (get to grips with Mailchimp)
Dearie me, this made me laugh who was I kidding about a newsletter when I have barely been able to write and publish blog posts all year.  Plus you really need a regular readership to warrant a 'newsletter' so I think we'll just shelve this one.  Maybe I'd been at the New Year sherry when I wrote this one?
Goal Met - No, and I'm ditching it!

I guess considering I haven't been very goal focussed so far this year I've done pretty well and I'm pleased that I've revisited them because normally I just write them and that's it.  It's good to revisit to have a think about what I've done and how far I have (or haven't) got, and whether these goals are realistic or need tweaking or, as in the last one, need ditching altogether!  

Also, we are still in September (though if one more person tells me how many more weeks it is to Christmas I will literally run screaming into the night) so there is definitely time to tie a few more goals up and if not, we can always carry them over to next year, can't we?

Love, Maria


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