Saturday, 9 September 2017

Avon Mark Gel Shine Nails - Nutty Berry

Quick Saturday post about nails, I'm a bit obsessed with writing about nail polish at the moment.

Today I changed my nail polish, I've been wearing Rita Ora Rimmel in a sort of pinky colour all week but it's finally chipping so I decided to change it.  As we are into Autumn I've been delving into my berry and brown shades and I found this one, its Avon Mark Gel Shine and it's called Nutty Berry.

So, on my nails are two coats (and a Sally Hansen strengthening undercoat which can also be used as a top coat - bonus) and then the clear Avon Gel Shine on top.  My top coat needs changing though as it's nearly used up and is a bit gloopy so I need to order a new one next time.

I'm not usually a brown nail polish kind of person, I'll be honest, I'm into pinks and nudes and pale colours, sometimes red.  While I love the colour of this one I'm not sure it looks that good on my hands, I think they are too pale and the brown isn't warm enough, does that make sense?

In terms of the colour, Nutty Berry is recommended but I'm not sure it suits me particularly.  If you want to read a review on the Dazzle Pink colour from the same brand, click here.

Love, Maria

Avon Mark Gel Shine Nutty Berry

Beautiful shade of Autumn brown - Nutty Berry


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