Saturday, 26 August 2017

Week 4 of the summer holidays and Back to School stationery

This week has been a funny week.  It's week 4 of the summer holidays which means only another fortnight until everyone is back at school.  We were mostly away at the beginning of the holidays so this is the first full week we've done at home.

So far this week we've had a doctors appointment (couldn't park), a dentist appointment (was late, they closed the road I needed to use), hair cuts, food shopping (twice), a trip to the local Ford garage to get a battery for the car key as it won't work without it (8 quid!!), and a photo shoot with my friend Natalie to get some professional shots of the boys to put in a frame for my husband's birthday.  The dog pulled a ligament chasing a rabbit and has been limping and feeling sorry for himself all week and I've been worried sick because, you know, he's my baby and all that.

The weather is awful.  Dull and overcast and it feels like October half term.  Nobody is amused.  We are all missing Spain and Wales as that was the last time we saw the sun.

Also ...

Son 1 has just remembered his holiday homework.
Son 2 has worn the same pair of shorts since Sunday and 'can't find' a clean pair of socks anywhere.
Son 3 is just being very loud all of a sudden, I need a remote to turn him down this week.

I got on the scales (mistake) and am now back on Slimming World.  I'm actually not that bothered what I weigh but my clothes are tight and not comfy so a couple of pounds needs to go. It's my own fault, you know what they say, if you eat crap you feel like crap and it is true, I always feel better when I eat good food and I find that SW helps me to do that as I have a tendency to feed the boys properly and then not bother with myself that much, and that's not right.

This week I've also realised that I might have a little addiction to stationery.  I now view stationery the same way I used to view high heeled shoes in the days before I had to go on school runs and heels were basically relegated to the 'going out' section of my wardrobe.

It's not really pens and pencils as I'll use any old biro and I'm left handed so I don't use inky pens as they smudge, no it's notebooks A5 and A4, the prettier the better.  I particularly like ones that have the word 'organise' printed on them as it makes me feel like I might actually get organised if I have them in the house.  Of course, this past week I've been in my element because everywhere is screaming 'Back To School' and there's lots of lovely colourful pencil cases, notepads, and diaries and journals and  organisers just waiting to be snapped up.  Tesco has been particularly perused to death, they've got stationery both downstairs and upstairs in our local one and stationery type goodies have fallen into my trolley at least twice.

So in my opinion, this is my experience of stationery recently.

Tesco - excellent Pukka Pad sets on sale in a variety of colours (pink, purple, green) and I got a lined notebook with a removable cover which can be reused, an academic diary and a green A5 project book with dividers.  There were also some really nice pencil cases there (which I resisted because I really do not have a need for a pencil case though I did think it would make a nice case for my kohl pencil collection).

Paperchase - journals and diaries, both academic and for 2018.  They do a really nice selection of diaries, week-to-view and daily.  Last year, I got a blogging journal in there which sadly has been either discontinued or is not on sale anymore, I'm hoping they bring those back at some point as they were ace.

Amazon - great blogging planners or journals though most of them are in diary form and A4 so new year might be a better time to get those.  Massive packets of pens of every shape, size and colour and really good deals on those see through plastic cover slips.  I bought loads as Son 1 goes through quite a few at the beginning of term.

Sainsburys - very pretty and quite funky notebooks both A4 and A5, lots of 'on the wall' organiser type things as well which are good for confused Mum's like myself when you've got seventy billion things going in one day and then you forget to feed the cat, that kind of thing.  Their pads of lined paper are really good value as well (I bought a couple for homework purposes - the kids, not mine).

The Works - I love The Works.  Sadly, it's possible for me to spend a fortune in there even though all their stuff is so reasonably priced.  They've got super A4 notebooks/journals with nice hardback covers for between £2 and £4, they also sell those small exercise books like you have at school which can be useful if you don't want a massive book in your bag.  You can get them in packs of 10 for not very much money.  You can also order online from The Works, I've never done it but every time I pay for something there the young man behind the counter advises me of all the further discounts I could get if I went online (must do that sometime).

So there we are.  And I am now not allowed to buy any stationery for the next three weeks.

Love, Maria

Notebook and diary from Tescos.  Slimming World magazine self explanatory!


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