Thursday, 3 August 2017

First day holiday ramblings and first look at the Duty Free purchases

I brought my laptop on holiday determined to sit in an idyllic scene and blog.  So I am.  Warm breeze, beautiful surroundings, it's the ideal place to be creative.

I struggle with creativity sometimes because my mind is all over the place for about 98% of the time and I find it hard to focus.  I read a really good thing on Instagram yesterday (can't remember who is was from to credit but rest assured I'm not suggesting I made up these words).  It says

Mum's brains are like a computer
There's always 15 tabs open

When I read that I thought Amen to that sister!  In addition to this, there's always one or two tabs that never close and to top it off they ping open by themselves in the night and wake me up and I can't get back to sleep.

But enough, this is not meant to be a moany post, god knows I did enough of that at the airport (both before and after) yesterday.  No, this post is to try to relax and think how lucky I am to be able to have a holiday like this.  The villa we are staying in for the next few days belongs to our extended family, in a beautiful part of Southern Spain, 25 minutes from Gibraltar airport so providing you get an early enough flight you can get on a plane early doors at Manchester and be in the sun by lunchtime.  Gibraltar airport is easy peasy, it's not big so there's never a huge queue which I love as I hate queueing and British airports (and American) seem to be the worst.  And I know it's because of security but that doesn't make it any less wearing, particularly with kids.

So I'm on the plane yesterday sitting with Sons 2 and 3 and they've got their heads in their DS machines (still don't get how these work or how they don't end up with a migraine) and I'd bought myself some lovely stationery the day before as I'm determined to start planning this blog properly (as part of my 'get some me time' regime that I'm trying to put in place) and I started to jot down all the things I wanted to blog about, all the products, all the little Life things and then ... I spied the little magazine in the pocket of the seat in front.  My heart leapt.  It was the Duty Free brochure.


Down went the fancy pen, I grabbed that book out of the pocket almost giving the person in front of me whiplash in the process, and O M G there were pages and pages of lovely beauty things that I could drool over, and can I just point out there was more in the Monarch brochure than in the Thomas Cook one I read earlier this year, just sayin'.

Stila One Step Correct

Several things caught my eye, not least the YSL Mon Paris perfume which was down to £59 from £71 but I resisted and dithered for quite a few minutes but eventually decided on Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid serum and a One Step Correct Primer from Stila.  The packaging on the Stila got me because it's so pretty and now I'm wondering if  the whole product is too pretty to use (see pic), look at the pretty swirly pattern!

Alpha H Liquid Gold

This is the Alpha H Liquid Gold (I assume some sort of oil) with Glycolic Acid which is applied to face, neck and decolletage and helps to firm the skin.  This is what it says it does anyway so I hope it's true as I've noticed recently that I need a bit of help in the decolletage area.  It's annoying that bits of me have suddenly started to look older but I guess that's going to happen.

I'm pleased to say I got an extra 10% off the final price so I got both of these beauties for just under £35 which personally, I think is a bit of a bargain and I am really looking forward to trying both products.

Love, Maria



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    1. Thanks Chantel, glad you like it. I've changed the way I write to sound more like me and I'm much happier with it! :-)


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