Saturday, 5 August 2017

Clinique Cheek Pop Blusher

Over the past few months I've accumulated several new blushers.  This is partly because I went on holiday to Florida earlier this year and spent a small fortune in Walgreens, Walmart and Target not to mention the Florida Outlet Mall which, frankly, was my idea of heaven.  I'm sure it won't be a surprise to learn that it wasn't only blushers that I bought (wait till I do the post on Urban Decay Naked 3).

So anyway, today I'm going to showcase this little beauty by Clinique which was purchased at my favourite beauty shop in the Florida Outlet Mall .

Clinique Cheek Pop 'Melon Pop'

Melon Pop from Clinique

It's an aptly named Cheek Pop, I guess so that you can 'pop' a bit of colour on and go.  The colour is 'Melon Pop' somewhere between the colour of water melon and that other orange melon that I can't remember the name of right now.

This is different from most of my blushes which are big enough in the pan to swirl a massive Real Techniques blusher brush in so I was wondering if I'd be able to use it, and also the pattern on the product is so pretty part of me didn't want to use it as I didn't want to wear it away.  However, these things are bought to be used so I tried it at first with a smallish blusher brush (medium Real Techniques, one that they would use for contouring maybe) and it worked, I managed to get good coverage and because the colour is not highly pigmented it's easy to layer and work in and gives a lovely healthy glow.

Most of my blushers are pink based because I'm pale so anything with a hint of peach has a tendency to look unnatural, however I think it helps that it's summer and the Freckles are out so I've got more colour, I'm not sure how it'll look when I am alabaster in the Winter, I'll have to see.  I've been putting a bit of highlighter over the top where the cheekbones are to make it look a bit different, I've got a lovely summery Milani one that I'm loving at the moment (in pic bottom right but the Physicians Formula one is good too).

Milani blush, bottom right

It got me thinking what is the Cheek Pop range and what else is there in the range?  That's when I decided to go on the Clinique website.  Big mistake.  Since doing that I have created an account, purchased two items (with free samples of course) and have signed up for newsletters and text alerts on new products.  Oh dear.

But back to the Pop range.  There are no less than 14 shades of the beautiful Cheek Pop one of which is a lovely pink which is now on a wishlist and an Oil and Lip Cheek Glow which is one of those products that does a two in one, I've never got on with those so I'd be interested to see how that one works in practice.

So there we are, my blusher babbling is now complete.  Did I mention that one of the things I got from the Clinique website just now was a Special Edition Cheek Pop ... can't wait!

Happy blushing!


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