Monday, 28 November 2016

Avon Gel Shine - Lavender Sky

I do love to review a nail polish and this has been one of my favourites throughout the Summer.

If you've read my other nail polish posts you'll know I hate chipping and that I've got weak nails.  I also like it to dry quickly.  Prior to this, the only "gel" effect I'd tried was Sally Hansen (which I still love) so I was hopeful that this would cut the mustard so to speak.

I was pleased that it did and I'm now on my second bottle!  Check out the photo below to see what it looks like on my nails.

Colour and Brush

I particularly like this colour 'Lavender Sky' because it's a little bit different from my usual pink nails but subtle.  If it chips a little you don't notice it straight away.  I must say though, I find it very long lasting and that's without the special Avon gel shine top coat which is well worth the money because it does give the polish extra shine and increases the time between coats.  I also like the brush as it's not too big making it much easier to be precise particularly when painting the hand you don't write with!

The Gel Shine Range

The Gel Shine range has been one of Avon's best selling products this year, it has no less than 31 shades to choose from (it started with 24 and they added a few more throughout the year) and the price is a very reasonable £7.00 per bottle though it is regularly on half price (which is the best time to stock up and try new shades).  I can recommend the colours Parfait PinkBarely There and Very Berry, these have been my staple shades this year, I've currently got Very Berry on my toes even though they're stuck under my socks and boots for the next six months!  I like that I can have nails that give a 'gel effect' without having to put them under a UV lamp, it's quick and easy which it's brilliant if you don't have much time.

Avon Gel Shine - Lavender Sky


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