Monday, 7 November 2016

Thinking About ... Autumn

Autumn (my feet, my garden, boots from Marks & Spencer)

This is a bit of a lifestyle post, just some musings about Autumn really.  I'm not usually an Autumn person, I hate the dark nights and I'm not a fan of being cold either.  Other people like snuggling up in front of the fire and frosty mornings.  I would rather wear flip flops and have daylight until 9pm.
I should probably be a dormouse hibernating until Spring, that would suit me absolutely fine!

This year however, I've been really aware of the change in the seasons, I know that sound a bit naff but it's true.  I'm constantly trying to find ways of alleviating stress and I think it's important to step outside the moment sometimes and just be aware of your surroundings to clear your mind.  I've been so struck by how pretty Autumn is, the colours are really beautiful and I've tried to take photos of times when I've been aware of it.  It seemed to me that there are certain things that make me feel like it's Autumn regardless of the weather and the changing leaves so I have created a little Autumn moodboard (my first one - ever!).  Photos below, scroll down for the explanations.

Things that make me feel like it's Autumn

Top Row

Deeper lipstick colours
I do find that I change my lipsticks with the seasons, I wear a lot less pink and start to wear deeper colours that go with blacks and browns and deep greens. 

Snuggled up dog
This picture represents early mornings in the dark!  I took this one morning after I got out of the shower, my little Buddy was snuggled up in my bed.  He did not want to wake up and he did not want to go for a walk either.  He is basically laying exactly where I wish I was! 

Coat with a hood
I love this coat, I bought it last year, it's so snuggly and warm and I love the fact that it's got a hood and the furry bit round it.  Not only does it keep my ears warm it has been known to save my hair from 'damp frizz' on the school run in the mornings.  I need to dig this coat out again now it's getting much colder.

Dressing table lighting mirror
It's always more problematic doing my makeup in the latter months of the year as the lighting is so bad, I've got this mirror that has a natural light ring round it which does really help me to put the right amount of blusher on.  It's also got a magnifying mirror on the other side should I wish to scare myself and look at myself close up that early in the morning.  It's from Boots, I think it's a No7 product.

Middle Row

Casual Skirts
I do wear skirts all year round (when I'm not in my 'Mummy' clothes) but these are my favourites for Autumn and Winter, they are little corduroy skirts from M&S, button front and look great with 40 or 60 denier black tights and boots and a plain jumper.  I have been known to wear leggings with them as well when the weather is too nippy for tights.  They are super comfortable and they come to just above the knee so not teeny tiny but comfortable and practical too.

Heated Rollers
I don't know why but the only time I use my heated rollers unless I'm going out is during the Autumn/Winter.  I think it's because my hair needs more help during these months and it probably spends less time in a ponytail or scraped back than it does in the summer when it's warmer.  I've had these for a couple of years, I wrote a post about them a while back, they're great.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
In the summer I tend to use more colour around my eyes, in the Autumn I go for more neutral colours, browns, golds and beige (I hate the word beige but you know the colour I'm talking about).  I've got several great natural palettes but I always go back to this one it's tried and tested and no matter how tired I am in the morning I know I'm always going to get a good result even if I'm applying it when I'm half asleep.  It's the only Naked palette I own though, I haven't got any of the others (yet). 

Halloween is a big deal in this house, firstly it's my Mum's birthday and the day after my youngest son's birthday and secondly the boys really love dressing up and going trick or treating.  Actually it's not proper trick or treating it's pre-arranged with family and friends we don't knock on random doors.  In recent years the boys have persuaded hubby and I to get into the spirit of things and dress up too.  Hubs is very good at costumes, I only have two that I switch between, one is a witch (complete with dress, wig and hat) and the other one is a cat which is basically wearing all black, black wig and drawing cat eyes and whiskers on my face.  The picture on the board is of two of the boys the year they were a Power Ranger and Mike The Knight.  It was taken a couple of years ago, they are much bigger now.

Bottom Row

Both of these pictures have been taken recently, the first was the first time it was frosty, I thought it was really pretty with the frost sitting on the leaves like that.   Then I checked out the car and realised the de-icer was required (not so happy about that).  The second picture is of a tree that I pass on my school run twice a day, in fact I pass it every day as it's just by the entrance to the road in which we live.  I should explain that I love trees, I don't know why.  This tree is huge, it's got amazing leaves and is a very good indicator of where we are in the year, I always know when it's Spring because it's one of the first ones to show signs of leaves and now, as you can see, they are turning deep green and gold before they fall.  This photo was taken a week or so ago.  As of today there are more leaves on the ground than on the tree, infact the path and part of the road is covered and the dog had a field day snuffling round in them on his walk this morning.

Happy Autumn everyone!

Maria xx


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