Sunday, 20 November 2016

November 2017 Beauty Haul

The other day I went into Superdrug to get some headache tablets as having spent half the night up with my coughing 8 year old, my head was banging and I needed some assistance in making it stop.  So after my school run I took myself into town in the rain (which did not help my mood) and the plan was to pop into Superdrug, get the tablets, whizz into Sainsbury's to buy teabags, milk and bread and go home.

So that's what happened.  Well, almost. 

In fact what transpired was a 40 minute stroll round Superdrug after picking up said medication and I ended up buying so much that I had to buy a carrier bag (don't get me wrong I don't mind paying 5p) as it wouldn't fit in my handbag. 

Here's the haul.

Revlon HD Lip Color (Seduction)

I was so happy with the other colours I've purchased that I didn't have to argue with myself too much about getting another and I'm really pleased with this one too. I chose the colour Seduction as it's nude but not too nude, I like it because it doesn't wash me out like so many paler lip colours do.  It'll definitely be a Lipstick Love ... post in the future.

MUA Matte single eye shadow

I've only got a few things from MUA but everything I've got I really like, MUA is also great value, this single eye shadow was £1.00 and is a great base colour for neutral days.

V05 Frizz Free Cream and V05 Smoothly Does It Serum

Always in the market for products that claim to make my hair frizz free and smooth these were a bargain because it was on a 2 for £4.00 offer

Anelco Beer Shampoo and  Conditioner

This was an impulse buy, I used to use beer shampoo and conditioner sachets years and years ago and I wanted to see if this was the same.  I've yet to try it.

Pack of 2 printed emery boards

A girl can never have too many emery boards, especially someone with nails like mine that are constantly chipping and flaking. 

64 My Little Star Baby Wipes

These were on special offer.  I always carry baby wipes in my bag even though my kids are no longer babies as they are amazing for sticky fingers, mouths and you can even use them to catch a runny nose if you don't have a tissue. 

L'Oréal Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipstick (Rouge Gold)

Ooh, it's a long time since I bought a L'Oréal lipstick but I'm having a bit of a lipstick obsession at the moment.  I've currently got several Avon ones on the go (I will review them), I just felt like I needed some different colours.  This one is a gorgeous shade of red with a gold shimmer running through it.  It's not a bright red, more of a muted cheerful red so it's not too in your face.  I've only worn it once but thought it looked really nice.  And I've always loved the smell of L'Oréal lipsticks too.

I think the Panadol are self explanatory!

As I drove home I decided that I did feel less like a bear with a sore head and as not a single tablet had passed my lips at that time, I decided that it was the act of buying the haul that had improved my mood and my headache.  I think they call it Comfort Buying, it's in the same category as Comfort Eating but with less calories. 

It was only when I got home that I realised I'd forgotten to go to Sainsburys so I had to go back later in the day!

I'm not sure when my next haul will be.  Probably after Christmas as I really need to concentrate on Christmas shopping from now on, I haven't done any at all.  I wish I could be one of those organised people that has it done by the end of August or at the very latest, October, but I'm not.  I leave it until the last minute and then just do it all in one go. 

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