Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Collection Field Day nails - Peony

So here's another one to add to the pink nail polish collection, this one is called Peony and it's from Collection (they used to be called Collection 2000).  I got it in a Glossybox earlier on this year and I've only just used it.  I wasn't sure of the colour at first, this isn't the sort of pink I'm drawn to, if it were a lipstick I'd reject it because it would be the wrong shade if you know what I mean?  It's not bright pink, it's not pale pink its 'in-between' pink and it's not always 'me'.  But, it was in the box so you know, I thought I'd try it. 

Pink, Pink, Pink!

As I've probably said before I've got a really large collection of pink nail polishes, I'm just drawn to them, I don't know why.  This one definitely needs two coats as one coat is almost see through and was a little bit patchy, I maybe didn't shake the bottle before I applied it, I don't know.  Two coats was much better, and I put a glossy top coat over it as well to stop chipping and to give extra shine.  It lasted longer than I thought it would considering the first coat was really thin so I was pleased.  I'm still not sure about the colour, I might have to wear it a few more times before I love it as much as some of the others I own.  What do you think?  Do you like the colour?

Incidentally, there are three colours in the Field Day Collection, Heather, Peony and Peach Blossom and cost £1.99, I think this is a really great price for a basic polish that you can wear every day.

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Love, Maria

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Summer Tan - what I used to fake it this Summer!

This is a short and sweet post to show you which products I used to feel less pale on holiday (even though I've been back for just over a month).  We had an amazing week in Southern Spain but it was super hot so the Factor 50 came out and I hid under a big hat in the shade.  I managed to fake a tanned glow by using a combination of the three products below and I was really pleased with the results which I thought I'd review below incase anyone's having a late summer holiday or whizzing off somewhere gorgeous in October half term.  Sadly, for me, these products have been wiped at the nozzle and put away in a dark place until the sun (and my legs) come out again next Spring.  Bye legs, bye tanning products, hello leggings and tights!

Hawaiian Tropic Touch of Color with Factor 15
I first used the Hawaiian Tropic a year ago and I reviewed it then.  I still love it.  I'm on my second bottle now, click here to read the full review.  I'm completely addicted to the smell, it smells like holidays, I love it.  The one in the photo is one I purchased in Florida earlier this year, my original one was from Boots in the UK.

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer
If I'm honest I bought this quite a long time ago, used it once then it went back in the cupboard.  I found it when I was sorting out and decided to use it.  It was only after I'd sprayed it on my legs that I had the sudden thought that there might be a best before date on it and it might have gone off but by that time it was too late, whatever would be, would be.  Luckily for me it hadn't gone off and there were no orange after effects.  As I'm really quite pale I only needed two applications for it to change the colour on my legs, and even though I took it away with me I didn't use it as I topped up with the other products.  I'll probably buy another one next year.  It was easy to apply and it even though I'm usually terrible at applying fake tan this was easy and I didn't miss any bits.

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Body Lotion with Tanning
Check this out!  Dove have come a long way in the last ten years, remember the original Dove tanning lotion that smelled like biscuits even after it was long dried (it wasn't only Dove, the Johnson & Johnson one was bad too).  Well, this is nothing like that one.  It feels more like a luxury body lotion than anything else and sinks in straight away.  To be honest I'd use it as a body lotion anyway, regardless of the tanning element, it really did make my skin feel lovely and soft.  I found that the moisturising element was really long lasting and it didn't smell at all bad. 

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