Friday, 8 January 2016

The Best of the Rest of the Amazing No7 Calendar

Happy New Year Everybody!  This post is a "best of the rest", basically following on from the posts I was writing before Christmas about my No7 advent calendar.  I'd intended to do a post every three days but as I predicted there was just too much going on so blogging had to take a back seat.  However, I'm back now and thought I'd start the year by reviewing a few of my favourites from the calendar, ones that I hadn't shown you before, (not in any particular order).

No7 Glitter Nail Polish

I love this sparkly nail polish.  One coat is pretty, two coats is amazing, I wore it on Christmas Day. It lasted for quite a few days too.  Trying to get it off was a bit of a nightmare because the glitter sticks and it took quite a lot of polish remover to get it off the entire nail but I didn't mind that.  I'm thinking that it might also look quite pretty as a top coat over another colour.

No7 Stay Perfect "Sun Rays"

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon

I'm not usually into these crayon type lippies but I really have used this one quite a lot considering I haven't had it for very long.  The colour is what I would call mid-pink and I can only describe it as a balm in crayon form.  It's got a twisty container so you can push it up when it starts to run out, I've been using on weekends for a bit of natural colour and I've been popping it in my pocket to top up regularly, it gives a really lovely shine.  I probably would repurchase this actually, either this colour or a different one as they are a great on the go addition to anyone's make up collection.  I've got a Boots voucher so I can feel some spending coming on!

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon - Pink

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow

I'm totally addicted to No7 eye shadow, in fact before Christmas I got this amazing nude palette which I've been meaning to show you, (I think I'll pop a photo on my Facebook page) and I literally didn't use anything else for weeks.  This eye shadow is from the No7 Moonlight Shadow trio and is a gorgeous nude which blends really well either underneath as a base colour or over the top to tone down a darker eye.  I was really pleased as it goes very well with the aforementioned palette.  I think the picture makes it look a bit dark, it's actually much more subtle than that when it's on your eyelid.

Stay Perfect Eye Shadow from the "Moonlight Shadow" trio

No7 Youthful Eye Serum

I'm a big fan of the No7 serum range, it's non sticky, hypoallergenic and does seem to do what it says it's going to do.  This one is a small tube (7ml) of their Youthful Eye Serum which isn't an eye cream, it's the serum that goes on before applying eye cream or this can be used by itself.  You just dot it around your eyes with your ring finger and let it sink in.  I like it because it's really cooling and is therefore great for early mornings and helps to reduce puffiness before putting make up on.  It doesn't fill in any lines but it does make the skin feel much smoother therefore making concealer much easier to apply.  I had a cold over Christmas and my eyes were sore and itchy so I couldn't wear a lot of eye make up, I found this serum really helped to calm the eye area and soothe the skin.  It also didn't irritate my eyes either  so I can vouch that it is indeed, hypoallergenic!

Youthful Eye Serum 7ml

No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil

Lastly (but not least by any means) is this gorgeous eye pencil.  I am a real eye pencil girl, I love them so I was very pleased to receive not one, but two throughout December courtesy of the calendar.  This one is a beautiful deep brown, perfect for under and upper lid lining.  The tip is soft like a crayon so doesn't drag across your eye but is also easy to blend if you want to use a little brush over the top to create a softer look.  It's hypoallergenic (yay!) and waterproof, it does really last all day.  I haven't checked to see what other colours there are in this range (apart from the lighter brown one also included in the calendar) but I can see that it would be worth having a couple of different colours to ring the changes a bit.  It's just occurred to me that this pencil is very like a Ruby & Millie one I had years ago (except that was blue/black) which I loved before Ruby & Millie discontinued themselves.  I must see if I can find that one in my drawer, I'm sure it's somewhere.

Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil - deep brown

All in all it's got to be said that I was super impressed with the No7 calendar and would recommend it, I didn't receive anything in it that I won't use and there were many things in it that I would repurchase. Roll on December for the next one (kidding, I've only just recovered from this Christmas!)


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