Sunday, 6 December 2015

Lipstick Love ... Max Factor Rosewood

I haven't done a "Lipstick Love" post for a while so here's another one.  This time it's one of my all time favourites from Max Factor, "Rosewood". 

All About Rosewood

I've been wearing Rosewood for years and years, I can't even tell you how many I've used up because it's loads.  I'm partial to Max Factor lipsticks because you can pretty much guarantee that you get a quality product with a good colour that stays put.  Those of you who have read my lipstick posts before will know that longevity is my thing, it drives me nuts when I wear a lippy that doesn't last very long. 

Rosewood can best be described as a browny/pink colour which really suits me as I think the undertone must be the same as my natural lip colour (this is why I don't get on with nude lipsticks, they wash me out).  I like it because it goes with everything.  I wore it to my party the day after my wedding because I knew it would stay on and it goes with all my "faces" (my fancy face, my natural face, my school run face).  It's unobtrusive yet really pretty and this one is moisturising as well so it doesn't dry my lips out (another pet hate of mine). 

Recently, Max Factor had a bit of a lipstick overhaul and when I realised I dashed to Boots to check them out, thankfully they have kept Rosewood (and Raisin, another favourite of mine) but unfortunately my favourite red lippy got caught in the cull and was replaced by one called Ruby Tuesday which although gorgeous, is REALLY red so I have to tone it down by putting another one over the top.

I also love that it's inexpensive and I can buy it in Boots with my points! 

Here's the link to another post I wrote on Max Factor lipsticks last year, I'm a big fan of their Flipsticks!

Max Factor Flipsticks - Review of the Reds

Three sides of Rosewood

Me wearing Rosewood, it's natural but not nude

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