Monday, 13 April 2015

Zoella Beauty

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I couldn't resist these lovely Zoella products from the Superdrug online website the other day.  As you all know, Zoella released this range in late 2014 and as usual I am late to the party but better late than never, right?  My 13 year old cousin is a big fan of Ms Sugg and we chat a lot about her, I live in a house of males (three little boys, a dog and a husband) so I love it when she comes over and we can chat about YouTube, make up and girly stuff!

I'm really impressed with these products, it would have been so easy for Zoe to just fling something together really quickly but it seems to me that she's thought out this range.  She's gone down the bath/body product, fragrance and the accessory path rather than make up and she's only released a few products, not loads so there's a quality feel to her range.  It's very reasonably priced and you can buy it from Superdrug, a shop we all know and love.   I will say that I wasn't overkeen on the Blissful Mistful perfume at first, I think I may have sprayed a bit too much but it's lovely when it wears on and is a great fresh daytime fragrance and one to have in your handbag.  The Soak Opera bath and shower creme is gorgeous, has a luxurious feel to it and seemed to last a long time, I used mine mainly in the shower but you do get a good bubble bath out of it too, I also think Soak Opera is a cute name.  There's also a choice of three make up bags (though I guess you don't have to put make up in them), I chose Just Say Yes because I think that's quite a good thing to remember!  I'm not using it as an every day make up bag but I have stored all my favourite everyday lipsticks in there.

While I haven't read her book yet, I would consider purchasing more of Zoe's beauty products, but I do think they are aimed more at her young YouTube fans rather than middle aged women like me.  That's fine though, we all have our niche and good for her, I say. I'm sure Zoe has got more up her sleeve and will do really well as she's very likeable and people love her.  As long as she keeps her prices quite low these products will fly off the shelves. 


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  1. I wish I could try her line, but I haven't yet found a site that will ship them to Canada. The packaging is adorable!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart


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