Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bodywash Review - Right Guard Women

Time for another bodywash review, as you can see these two are by Right Guard, I usually equate Right Guard with deodorant but these leapt off the shelf in Boots at me the other day, particularly as they were either on special offer or one was free I can't quite remember.  Of course, you'll notice that one of them has got Argan Oil in it so as a self-confessed Argan Oil obsessive, I couldn't resist it.

The first one was Shower & Oils and included Argan, Marula and Almond Oil and says for Dull Skin on the packaging.  I don't know if my skin was dull or not but this was certainly a lovely bodywash, very moisturising and a beautiful smell, of course I didn't expect anything less because it had Argan Oil in it and I would definitely buy this one again.
The other one was Shower & Nutrients and is for Normal Skin and includes Acai Berry.  Whilst it was moisturising I didn't find it as nice as the Shower & Oil and I found the Acai Berry smell a bit overpowering, I'm not really keen on fruit scents and this was really strong.  So I probably wouldn't buy this one again. 
p.s.  If I'm being truthful the best bodywashes I've had recently have been the ones from the Aussie range that I did a post on the other day, I'd definitely buy them again. 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Aussie Shower Gels

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If you're a fan of the Aussie Hair Care range then you'll love this ... DRUM ROLL ... my beloved Aussie range has added shower gel to their list of products.  I've long been a fan of their leave in conditioner, in fact it's one of the products that I am most loyal to, because it just works and it smells gorgeous. I was merrily perusing the website and saw these shower gels and my fingers clicked "buy now" immediately.

I bought three, these are 250 ml and they didn't cost a lot, I think only about £1.99 which I thought was well worth it, I think they were on a special offer.

As you maybe know, I'm shower gel / crème obsessed and I'm particularly picky about the smell of a gel and what I call the 'moisturisation factor', my skin is prone to dryness so if it doesn't pass the moisturising test then it's bye bye time. 

Luckily Aussie have passed both my tests, I think these gels are gorgeous.  I particularly like the fact that the smell reflects the colour on the packaging, I love the cute names and that the colour of the label (in this case, pink, yellow and purple) is actually the colour of the shower gel inside and it all smells gorgeous.  I will definitely be buying more when these run out and recommending them.  It would be great if they did travel sized ones as well.

Bravo Aussie!  Can't wait to see what you bring out next!


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