Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bourjois Liner - Ultra Black

Hi beautiful people, hope this week is being good to you.  Today I've got a little review on the Bourjois Liner Pen, in Ultra Black.  I've been using this for a while now, I'm relatively new to the whole upper eyeliner pen thing (being an old fashioned kohl pencil type of girl) because in the past I've always found I'm able to do one eye perfectly but not the other, thus ending up looking somewhat odd.  However, I was determined to learn the art of this black liner flick thingy so I bought this and had a practice.  My eye art skills still aren't great but I must say that with this pen I do manage a fairly good job.

What I like about this pen is that the tip isn't too fine or too thick, I've had them before where I end up looking like a child who's just drawn on her eyelids with a fat felt tipped pen, not a good look for someone of my (pale) colouring and age!  With this, I'm able to do either a very thin line or slightly thicker line with one sweep (if I linger too much that's where the mistakes come in!).

This pen is also 24 hour lasting.  It does last all day that's for sure but its not difficult to get off, for example its not waterproof, if you cry, sweat too much or get caught in very heavy rain it will smudge but it doesn't fade over time which is good, I think that's what they mean by lasting 24 hours.

While I'm about it I'm also going to quickly say how much I love my Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara.  I've been using it for about 100 years (actually only since 1998 - but that's a long time!), it just works for me and suits my eyelashes, its got a great brush, is long lasting, and isn't a pain in the neck to wash off at the end of the day.  I used to use Black/Brown but now I use Black just because it makes my lashes stand out a bit more.  It's also not all that expensive.  I'm very loyal to this mascara, I've tried others but really stick to the Max Factor brand because I know they suit me.

The second Beauty Aware Weekly Round Up will be posted on Friday, I've got some good beauty offer codes this week and I'm working my way through the Anti Ageing Beauty Bible too!  Its Mental Health Awareness week this week so I'll be talking a little bit about that too having experienced anxiety, stress, beta blockers etc.  I was also going to bore you all with a story about my 6 year old wading through massive puddles at school and soaking his expensive Clarks school shoes so badly that they are still on the radiator and he's had to wear trainers to school the past two days much to the tut tutting of the headmaster but that's not really beauty related so I'll just leave that one out!

Catch you later in the week!




  1. oh wow i was just scrolling around blog loving and discovered your blog and decided to check it out i have to say i really love your templates, pictures everything! i just had to follow you !!!!
    I’ve been on bloglovin for a while but just restarted posting again! wool exciting! maybe we can be bloggy friends and do collab sometime :)
    feel free to check out my blog too!!!!! :)
    its nice to meet more people on here :) xxx

    1. Ah, thank you Cyndi, that's really nice feedback, I've checked out your blog (and followed you on Bloglovin'), its lovely.


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