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Sweaty Betty Gym Clothes

Hello beauty bloggers, this is my first post in a week, I've had yet another cold (boring, boring) and now I'm looking after my youngest whose managed to catch it too and is endlessly coughing.  Roll on Spring and the warmer weather, that's what I say!

Sweaty Betty Pilates Socks

Anyway, I've decided todays post is going to be about fitness clothing, ever since I started the gym in January I've been doing two sessions a week, plus my pilates lesson so I've needed a bigger turnaround of fitness clothes.  I love Sweaty Betty, their fitness clothes are fun, lovely colours and the fit is great.  I particularly like their tops because they are longer in the body which means they don't ride up (I hate that).  If you take a look at their store they've pretty much got something for every activity, from yoga and pilates to aerobics to running.  Gym clothes used to be so dull (black, navy blue etc) now they're much more fun and you kind of feel like you've dressed up to go and get sweaty!

I absolutely love these grey leggings with the little grey fitted skirt, my pilates teacher has them and she looks great.  The leggings I'm wearing for my class at the moment are from M&S (because I know they are long enough and won't shrink) but I really like those grey ones, I may have to invest!

I bought this vest top from Sweaty Betty online, there's a choice of several colours, I've got the powder blue, a black and a coral one, the material is very soft and I've been layering them on colder days then when I get too hot I can just take one off!  They are £20 each, and I have to say wash perfectly.  They also haven't shrunk in the wash!  I'm 5ft 9" and I got the Large (which is pretty much a size 14) and it fits really well.  I've done a little video showing what it looks like in real life, hope you like it.


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