Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Favourite Beauty Products | February

Hey beautiful people, its that time again, time to review the faves from the past month.  Last month I only wrote about one product, Pantene shampoo, this month I couldn't choose so I've decided to give three products the "February Favourites" award.

First up is my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.  This actually arrived in January (I bought it from Beauty Bay) but I decided I need it to use it quite a lot before I reviewed it because I wasn't sure how it was going to go, I don't usually wear nude or natural colours, I think this is the only palette I've got other than my Bobbi Brown that's all neutral.  Of course, there have been many reviews on the Naked Basics palette and pretty much all that I've seen or read have been positive so it was no surprise to me, and won't be to you, that I am SO happy with it!  I think this is the only set of eyeshadows I've got where I actually use all of them, usually I tend to favour two or three and that's it but with the Naked Basics I am using all of them and its great.  The only thing is that its pretty much all I've used for weeks and weeks, I can see myself getting stuck in an eyeshadow rut here, I need to shake it up a bit!  But anyway, yes, I agree with everybody else, its great, go buy it!  Oh and one other thing.  It has great staying power.  It doesn't squidge into the creases in my eyes and I can do a full sweaty workout at the gym and when I come out its still there (albeit I do not need blusher because my cheeks are fluorescent pink by that time - lol).

Urban Decay Naked Basics & Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara

In Second place is a mascara.  I'm very loyal to the Max Factor brand when it comes to mascara because they  suit me so well.  I've been using their 2000 Calorie for years and years, I've tried others but nothing comes close, except for perhaps a Clinique one but that was a bit flaky so I ditched it and went back to the old faithful Factor.  This one is an Eye Brightening for Brown Eyes (they also do one for blue eyes and I think green too).  I really like this mascara, its a nice change from the 2000 Calorie but not so far removed that it feels like a different brand.  The colour is called Black Pearl, at at first glance it looks like a normal black but once its on your lashes it must have reflective pigments in it or something because it does really bring out the brown in my eyes.  Its about the same price as the 2000 Calorie mascara and I think I got it in the supermarket but I have since looked for it online and you can also get it on Amazon, though to be honest I would go back to the supermarket because the postal charge for the Amazon one was about the same price as the mascara, bit cheeky.

T.H.X rollers and clips

Rollers and curls!  And big hair!

Finally, I've been loving my heated rollers.  They are T.H.X ones (Total Hair Expert) I deliberately didn't buy very expensive ones incase they didn't work, so I got these in a sale just after Christmas, I think it was Tescos.  There's 12 rollers and you can heat 6 at a time and it came with loads of clips.  There's three sizes of roller - small, medium and large, so you can choose which ones you want on whatever part of your head.  What I like about them is that they heat up really quickly and it also came with a travel pouch too so you can take them away without them falling all over the place.  I'm not very good at rolling, but I've got messy hair anyway so really if I want a structured curl I use the curling wand.  The rollers are good because they give it a bit of bounce, but I do tend to end up with enormous hair for the first hour or so, it does look a bit better once its flopped a bit!

So there's my February favourites, I'm really enjoying reading all your February favourite posts. Wonder what we'll all be loving in March?




  1. I love Max Factor mascaras! Haven't tried this one in particular though I must check it out!


  2. Great favorites post! I love the hair rollers. Your hair looks beautiful! xoxo Lauren


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