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Radley Bags Spring/Summer 2014

Ah Radley, I do so love you ... for years now I've had a bit of a thing about Radley handbags.  I own three or four but its not something that I go out and buy regularly because they are just a wee bit expensive!  I've been browsing the shops (and online) and made a short list of my favourite Radley bags which I thought I'd share with you.  And you never know, someone might want to buy me one for Valentines day (note to self - show this post to husband).

This bag is called "Grosvenor", its a Medium Shoulder Bag and costs £229.  It also comes in Black, Brown and Tan.  I particularly like the detail on the strap on this one but it wouldn't be for everyday use for me as those buckles would be a bit fiddly every time I needed to get a tissue for one of the kids or get my purse out in the supermarket.  I think its a nice work bag and when I go back to work this is the sort I'm going to get!

Next up is this Large Tote Baby Bag, it's beautifully named "Doodle Dog".  I'm past the baby bag stage thankfully (mine was a Yummy Mummy one from John Lewis) but I really liked this, so many baby bags are pale pastel colours with flowers or teddy bears on them and as you tend to have to carry your own stuff around in the same bag as the nappies, wet wipes, dummies etc, sometimes flowers and teddies isn't exactly what you want for your iphone and grown up stuff!  This is a good compromise, its got the cute little dogs on it, its green which means that its a colour for boys, girls and grown ups and at first glance people won't know its a baby bag, they'll just see it as a large tote bag, which it is.  My sister is having twins in the summer, I might get this for her.  The cost of this bag is £109 which actually is quite reasonable as baby bags really cost a lot, John Lewis prices start at about £80.00 so £109 for a Radley is good.

This one's a Medium Tote Bag called "Malton" and its £189.  I liked the colour (its Tan, but also comes in Black) and has a very simple zip fastening in the middle, its quite big so you can carry lots around with you and its big enough to fit an A5 diary in comfortably so it would be good for work.  In my opinion its not as pretty as the Grosvenor bag as it looks more functional and less decorative, but probably better for work and meetings.

Last up (this is my favourite) is this Large Cross Body Bag, and its £109.  I'm a big fan of the cross body bag, it means you have two hands free and it doesn't slip off your shoulder, I really hate that when I'm out shopping.  This is a lovely summery colour, they also do Cream and Green. I'm not sure its very roomy but that's not a bad thing, it might discourage me from carrying around a load of stuff I don't need!  I find that if I overload cross body bags they hurt my neck, it can't cope with the strain!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, I love handbags so no doubt there'll be another post on them soon.



  1. i love radley bags! something my mom passed down to me - she has so so many... and sometimes she lets me share :)

  2. They're great aren't they? How cool that your Mum lets you share! x

  3. I absolutely love these bags, especially the Grosvenor! It's completely my style. You've put together a lovely blog, you can count me in as new follower!


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