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Favourite Beauty Product - January

I'm a bit late with this post as I know we are already in February but it has taken me a while to decide what the winner of my "Favourite Beauty Product for January" actually is.  In January I used a couple of new bodywashes, namely my former Bargain of the Week which was the Radox Shower Smoothie and one from the Mandara Spa range (Christmas present) which I found very luxurious and left my skin feeling really nice.  I've also had a new MAC lipstick (Vegas Volt), Clinique eyeshadow palette and the bits and bobs from my little Superdrug haul but the product I've chosen to be January's winner is .... Pantene Pro V Shampoo!

We all know that Pantene has been on the market for years and years now so its not like its anything new but I've only recently started using it and it has made a difference to my hair, its softer, less tangly and less prone to frizzing.  I also don't seem to need much conditioner, I use a leave in one because I haven't got time to rinse conditioner out in the mornings as I'm normally in a rush and it takes too long!

Pantene Pro V Repair  & Protect Shampoo

Look, I can get the comb through it!

In the Winter my hair is pretty much a disaster because of the weather so I tend to just slam it in a ponytail and hope for the best, which is fine because there are worse things in the world than a bad hair day but I have to say that despite the wind, rain, drizzle and damp on many a school run I have actually had quite a few good hair days and I'm pretty sure its down to the shampoo.  The one in the photo is for dry and damaged hair but I've also used one for normal to thick hair and I couldn't really tell the difference, both products have "micro-smoothers" in them and it seems to give the same result.  So big thumbs up for Pantene, I'm also trying a Pantene smoothing cream at the moment which I'll review soon, so far so good with that one.

Which product was your favourite for January?



  1. I would have to say for January my favorite product would be my Anastasia Brow Kit.....but I loved so many other things too.....LOL


  2. Hi Beth, I haven't ever used any brow products, I must try some!


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