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BRITS Beauty

Hi there beautiful people, I'm later with this post than I would have liked as the BRIT Awards was last Wednesday but never mind, here it is.  As I said in a previous post I watched the BRITS for the first time in about 10 years and in keeping with my red carpet addiction I've done a little review on my pick of the dresses (or frocks, as my nan would have said!).

Kylie Minogue, Ella Henderson & Laura Whitmore

I've grouped these ladies together because they're all in black but very different outfits.  Kylie's gone for  shiny material with a big bow and ankle strap platforms, Ella has gone for classic LBD with gorgeous black heels and Laura is wearing 3/4 length trousers teamed with a lovely white jacket.  Ella Henderson was on the X Factor a couple of years ago and controversially got eliminated early in the competition, she's completely revamped her look, I almost didn't recognise her.  There was nothing wrong with her look before but she looks great now.  My favourite is Ella's outfit I think.  That bow on Kylie's dress would get on my nerves!

Rita Ora, Mylene Klass & Rebecca Fergusson

All these ladies have gone for yellow, I love yellow, its one of my favourite colours.  Again, different outfits, think my favourite is Rita's dress but that's only because it's a bit more "evening" as far as I'm concerned.  Myleene suits her dress and its quite unusual for her, she usually wears more classic styles. I really like the way Rebecca's got colour in her clutch bag and her shoes, and that's a great dress too.

Jessie J earlier in the week

Caroline Flack & Jessie J

Great legs ladies!  I think Caroline's wearing a skort
dress, I love this outfit on her, particularly the colour.  Jessie's had a 
couple of outfits this week, the one above was at the actual awards
and the one on the left was at the nominations evening.  I like both her
outfits but I'm not keen on her hair or her lipstick in the one above,
having said that, if anyone can pull it off Jessie can and she does look
fab in that catsuit.

Fearne Cotton & Rosie Huntington-Whitley

These ladies always get it right!  Fearne's been out and about a lot recently at various events and all her outfits have been completely different, love the colour and style of this dress on her, its a proper "party dress".   I think she could probably wear a bin bag and still look great.  Rosie's dress and shoes are actually quite a simple combination but she looks so elegant and that is a gorgeous colour dress.

Lily Allen

Lily also brought a change of clothes with her that night, one to arrive in and one to present the award in, love the black dress and yellow hair (perhaps she should've been in my yellow category?), love both dresses but I still prefer her pink and orange number from the BAFTAs the other night.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie had three outfits that night, this was the first, completely different from the other two (one was a long evening dress and then she performed her song in a bra, shorts and trainer boots).  Ellie, like Fearne can literally carry anything off.  Great hair too, love the plait.

So that's it.  Oscars on Sunday!

Have a great week.


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