Monday, 27 January 2014

Tidied up and found three old favourites!

Much as I love new make up I do find myself going back to old favourites, does anyone else do this?  I was tidying my dressing table the other day (wonders will never cease) and needed to rearrange my make up bags a bit, put stuff in my make up drawers etc, and as I was doing this I rediscovered these three items and I thought I'd share them with you.

Dior eyeshadow palette

The first one is this Dior eyeshadow palette which I got from Duty Free one year on my way back from Mexico in 2011.  You can see which colours I've used the most, the pale ones but the dark blue is lovely and so is the deep brown.  All of these have a lovely shimmer to them but you don't need much, it's more of an evening/special occasion palette than a daytime one I think.  It did have a brush with it but as usual I've mislaid it, I prefer my Laura Mercier eyeshadow brush anyway.  This is probably about the only Dior I own now, I think.  I'm quite glad I rediscovered it!

Prescriptives Blusher

Next up is my beloved Prescriptives blusher.  I really love this one because its the one I wore on my wedding day, I got married in 2007 so its a few years old now, the compact is all scratched because I carried it with me in a handbag for ages and it went to the bottom of the bag, I can't even tell you what the colour is because the writing has rubbed off the back of the compact!  I don't wear it often but I will always keep it.  The Prescriptives brand was discontinued a couple of years ago, they were part of the Estee Lauder group, I guess they weren't financially viable or something but such a pity because their cosmetics were beautiful.  I was particularly gutted as they did the perfect mineral foundation for me and I thought I'd never have to go anywhere else, how wrong was I!  The lady on the Prescriptives counter at John Lewis recommended that I go to Estee Lauder as the products are basically the same but I couldn't find what I liked at the time.  Prescriptives are still available in the USA but I've never been able to find exactly what I want when I'm there.

Guerlain Powder Pearls

This is my little pot of Guerlain pearls.  Another Duty Free purchase (you really don't want to let me loose in there with a credit card, I'm there until the flight is called), its part of a set of three small pots, one was pink pearls, one white pearls and another multi-coloured with pale blue and yellow, it sounds weird but looks nice.  These pearls give a really nice shimmer to your face but probably more of a spring/summer product than a winter one for me as I find anything shimmery shows up my many facial imperfections and there are many more in the winter than in the summer!

I'd really love to know what your old favourites are!



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