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New Year Resolutions - one month on

Well, its nearly February so I thought I'd do a bit of a review of my resolutions, see if I've stuck to them and even more importantly if I can continue to stick to them!

The first one was Get Fit.  I think I've managed OK with this one so far, I've been going to the gym and have changed my eating habits too.  I didn't manage more than one week of the detox but I'm not too worried about that.  I do feel better and my fitness is returning, the first week in the gym I nearly collapsed with the exertion when I came off the rowing machine, now I am puffing a bit but recover more quickly which is a definite improvement.

My second resolution was Get Organised.  If I'm honest I started off really well with this, I managed great for about the first three weeks and then in the last week its all fallen apart and I've reverted to bad habits (procrastination). However,  Rome wasn't built in a day as they say, and this has been a tough week for various reasons so I'm not beating myself up about it.  I'll persevere.

My last resolution was Get Patient.  Again, I made a good start, I tried really hard even when the kids were driving me nuts.  Not been very patient this week though, except for with the dog because his brown eyes get me every time, he doesn't answer back, and he's always good for a cuddle when its all going wrong!

So, all in all, not too bad.  Could do better, lets try again in February!


Both me and the dog need a haircut!

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