Monday, 13 January 2014

Cancer Horoscope for 2014

I don't usually take much notice of horoscopes but I was flicking through my NOW magazine and saw the 2014 horoscopes.  I'm a Cancerian born in July and according to NOW this is what's going to happen to me (and actress Diane Kruger, also a Cancerian), this year.

2014 Horoscope for Cancer according to NOW

  1. We'll get fit after having health concerns in August.
  2. We need to be careful with money (not part of my personality normally, unfortunately).
  3. We need to know where we stand in our work life and finances.
  4. We're going to show more than a hint of our petticoats to someone who likes traditional values as much as us and likes to play dress up (lol, not showing this to hubby!)
  5. Jupiter, our lucky planet is with us until early July and only visits once every 12 years (intriguing!)

I think I will do review at the end of the year to see how true this is!


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