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Introduction to Beauty Aware

First blog ... what to say?  Well, I have recently started a business selling new cosmetics online and have a website and I also sell on the auction site eBid (which is a bit like eBay but cheaper for sellers and less red tape!)  

I also have three little boys, a husband and a dog so I work from home and somehow cram it in amongst the school runs and all the other things I have to do, but I love it.  I have always loved beauty products and make up and even moreso now that I am in a house full of males (even the dog is a boy), the guys are great but they really aren't interested in talking about blusher or the latest lippie from Rimmel, its more Lego, Power Rangers or Peppa Pig for the kids and rugby for my husband.  They can't see why I get excited about blusher (bought a Dainty Doll blusher the other day, like a little piece of springtime on your cheeks) luckily I have two sisters who are equally as happy as me to talk about cosmetics for hours on end, they are also my testers for my online store items, so they are getting quite a few freebies at the moment, happy girls!

My beautiful boy, Boo

I've been thinking a lot about how make up makes me feel recently, because I've been poorly with an ear infection and felt awful and spent days being pale and washed out because I couldn't be bothered to put my face on.  Tonight it was parents evening so I put my five minute face on (concealer, moisturising foundation, mascara, blusher, lipstick) and even though I still felt pretty rough, I did feel as if I could take on the world, or, in this case, the Year 1 and Year 4 teachers.  When I got home I realised that my pale cheeks were showing through the blusher and my mascara could have done with another coat but it didn't matter, at the point where I needed to feel confident it worked, met teachers, got my point across, stood my ground, the end.  Now, I'm about to take it all off, get in my pj's and read Grazia, quite apart from the article on Angelina Jolie and her wedding there's a lot about winter make up, apparently berry brights are in, which I'm thrilled about, I love those colours.

So for now its goodnight from me, and goodnight from Boo who is asleep on the sofa, better move him to his basket!  

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