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Spring Shadow Shades - Tarte Rainforest of The Sea

I haven't written much on Beauty Aware recently as I've started another blog focussing on 40 something beauty with a bit of life stuff thrown in (Basically Beauty).  Just before Christmas I thought I'd dedicate an entire blog to getting older, exercise, skin and make up.  After all, given that I am getting older I thought I'd share my experiences (and woes, maybe).  It's worth a look if you fancy the ramblings of a forty plus Mum, please do share if you have any friends who might like it, I don't think I've got too many readers so far!

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Anyway, this post is about Spring Shadows.  Last week, when we had our two days of sun I decided to do something different with my eyes, I felt like I didn't want anything too heavy so I went straight for a palette that I bought months ago but haven't really used.  It's called Tarte Rainforest of The Sea and it was a special edition.

Tarte aren't available in the UK unless you go to the QVC website and they only have certain products.  I had to send away for it but the Tarte website is great and they seem to have loads of items on sale most of the time so it's worth a look.  Ironically, when I was in New York in October I went into Sephora determined to buy something from Tarte but nothing grabbed me at the time so I came away empty handed.

Rainforest of the Sea feels like a very luxurious product, mainly because the compact is quite heavy and feels substantial.  It's also got a very pretty lid in mermaid colours, blue, turquoise and purple.  There's also a mirror which is invaluable if you want to take it with you.  I wasn't fussed that there was not an eye shadow applicator included, I rarely use the ones that come with the product, I use an eye shadow brush at home and if I'm out and need to reapply I use my fingertip!

For a base I use the pale colour Sand and put either Mermaid or Wave over the top.  You can see the names of the colours on the photo below.  Seashell is a lovely pinky/gold colour and is really pretty by itself or on top of a darker colour.  Abyss and Reef are excellent for adding a bit of colour to the outer corners and for a top and bottom line as a liner.  The colours are quite pale so to build up colour you need to load the brush a bit.  I found there was very little fall out too and it did stay on my lids (I did use an eye shadow primer, I think it was by Hard Candy).

I think the thing that drew me to this palette is that there are a mixture of darker and lighter shades, some with a little shimmer, some more matte.  I don't tend to wear a lot of sparkle on my eyelids anymore because it tends to emphasise the ageing bits I want to disguise (weird crepey lines on my lids) but these colours are great because it's very subtle.  You get a shimmer, not a full on massive glittery sparkle.  It's also a good beginner palette, nothing too heavy, variety of subtle colours but darker shades that can be built upon to create smoky looks or darker eyes if required.  

Tarte Rainforest of The Sea is £30.00 on www.tartecosmetics.com.  I wouldn't normally spend £30.00 on one palette but I do feel like this was worth it, there's nothing plasticky about it, it's a good product and the colours are great.  I can see myself adding to my Tarte collection in the future!

PHB Brightening Eye Gel Eyebright & Neroli

I got this eye cream in the January Love Lula beauty box.  Love Lula is my latest beauty box addition, purchased for me for six months by my lovely mother-in-law (love you, Carol) as a Christmas present.  What I love about beauty boxes is that you get to try lovely products that you maybe wouldn't have come across otherwise.

Eye Cream

I don't really like eye cream.  I've never put it on correctly, I always feel like it's too much or not enough, the skin under our eyes is really thin and I'm always afraid I'll pull it or something.  Once, I had a facial, and the beautician told me that if you put too much eye cream on, the skin can get overloaded because it's so thin and products just can't sink in, so they sit just under the first layer of skin and it can make your eyes look puffy.  All in all, I generally don't 'high five' eye creams.

However, this one from PHB is a bit different.  It's organic and free from nasties such as parabens, silicone and perfume, it's also vegan and not tested on animals.

It's a gel not a cream, and to me that makes a huge difference as it sinks in straight away and doesn't feel like it's sitting on the skin.  As usual, ring finger application is advised, it's clearly the softest finger or something so you won't drag your eye skin.


The best thing about this eye gel is that it is so cooling, it feels lovely on tired, puffy eyes and because it's organic there is absolutely nothing in it that will irritate the sensitive eye area.  I could feel it tightening the skin.   It is not in the least bit greasy which is great and only a small amount is required so it should last a while.  The price is £16.95 so I was pleased I got it in the Love Lula box!  However, like all my products I don't mind what I pay as long as I rate the product and I do rate this so I would buy this again when it runs out.

I've had a look at the PHB website, well worth a perusal in your coffee break, I'll definitely be having a look and trying some more of their products.

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Healthier and fitter in 2018

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"A healthier and fitter me in 2018".

This is the first year that I've said that and really meant it.  And I don't mean going on a diet either, intact it's the first year for a while that I haven't started a diet on January 1st.  

I'm so tired of starting January diets, 'cheating' about two weeks in then feeling guilty, begrudgingly getting back on the waggon then falling off completely by Valentine's Day.  Don't get me wrong, diets do work for some people, hell they've worked for me before I used to swear by WeightWatchers points, count those points and the pounds just fall away.  But WeightWatchers no longer seems to work, I am older, more tired and actually really I'm not too fussed about what I weigh or even what size dress I wear anymore.  What I do want is to feel better in my clothes, feel more energised and feel good.  

So, this year is the year of No Dieting, Be Nice To Your Body.

This is the year of Exercise and Feeling Good, Incorporating Techniques to Combat Stress and Thus Aid Restful Sleep.

Because goodness knows I need to address the stress and sleep thing far more than I need to count my calories or deny myself a digestive biscuit or two.  Plus everything I'm reading is saying that lack of sleep and stress (i.e. raised cortisol levels) messes with your hormones and helps keep weight on so I could be fighting a losing battle with that one.

 I took these photos at the beginning of January when I knew I was going to write this post, since then my legs are definitely more toned and my abs are as well.  I've been perfecting the art of the Plank, it's an absolute ab killer, I hate it but it really works.  My pilates teacher makes us do them as well (raised eyebrow emoji!).  

Anyway I'm actually feeling really good and energised as over the past few weeks I've managed to get quite a few gym sessions in plus my pilates and kept an eye on my steps via my FitBit which works now that I've found the charger for it (always helps).

My aim is to continue this throughout the year, I don't really have a goal as such, no target weight or size but as I've said, I want to feel generally fitter and I do feel that this is good way of doing it.

Let's see how it goes, I'll check in with updates throughout the year.  I'll be back soon with a proper beauty post (I've got a great long list of things to write about).


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