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A letter to my neglected beauty blog

Dear Blog

It's exactly three months since I wrote my last blog post.  That's a long time when you consider that one of my resolutions in January was to write at least two a week!  What happened you may ask.  Well, life did, kids did and then writers block did.  Not a very good combination.  The irony is that I've got SO MUCH to write about.  When I think about products I've bought and tried and want to review as well as the other subjects that have been periodically popping into my head at inopportune moments (like at the checkout till at Sainsbury's, in my pilates class, when I'm listening to Child 3 read), it's not like there's nothing to actually get out there.  Even if nobody reads it I still want to write it, to be creative, to get my thoughts down.

Like I said life has been a bit crazy.  No more crazy than other people's lives I imagine, this isn't a 'poor me' situation but it was a case of prioritising and dear blog, you had to take a back seat.   A really back seat at the very back of the bus kind of thing.  But I never forgot about you and I am determined to be back.  It's the end of the school term next week and it's the middle of summer.  There's a lot of catching up to be done and posts to write, I'm even going to take my laptop on holiday and write there as well, poolside.  Maybe I'll even tweak what I write about, add some thing different, (not fashion, I'm terrible at fashion) but maybe a few posts about beauty post age 40, seeing as I am now quite a long way past 40, in a halfway to 90 kind of way.

That's it.  I just wanted to get this out there as a sort of explanation and a bit of a plan.  Here's to getting back on track, hey might even manage two posts a week, who knows?

No photo for this post, just the words.

Love, Maria
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