Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Glossybox Files - Part 1

I've really been dithering over whether to keep my Glossybox subscription recently.  I just couldn't decide whether it was worth buying anymore.  Not because I don't like it but because life has got in the way for the past few months and I've barely opened any of the boxes and it seems such a waste.  Thing is, I've had some really good finds from Glossybox, for example I didn't know about Kiko Milano until I had an eye pencil in the box and now I've got loads of Kiko products and I absolutely love them.  Same with eyelash primer, (Manna Kadar) I'd never have tried that if it hadn't been in one of the boxes.  

After much dithering I've decided to keep it for another few months and really make an effort to put some time aside to look at the goodies and try them out.  I've also decided to start a mix and match series so rather than post a run down of what's in the box before I've tried it I'll do a review of some of my favourite products from a variety of the boxes, this should make it more fun and I'll be talking about things I've actually tried rather than giving run down of what's in the box and looking at a lipstick or blusher that I know isn't going to suit me, because what can you say about that?  This is a lovely blusher but it's way too coral and I'll look like a clown.  See what I mean? 

Anyway, that's the plan with Glossybox and I'm glad I've decided what to do because it was really bothering me.  Keep an eye out for the Glossybox Files!


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