Thursday, 7 July 2016

Why I Love Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

In February this year I reviewed the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail polish in Shock Wave, I think I raved about it and here I am four months later raving about it again, except in a different colour.

If you want pretty, pretty, pretty pink nails that are unobtrusive and long lasting you could go worse than to try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.  If I'm honest I bought this one because of the colour, not because it was by Sally Hansen but as usual with Sally Hansen products, you get all the good stuff on your nails as well as a great colour.

I bought it earlier on this year, before I started Avon and I've worn it literally at least once a week since then.  I've never had gel nails (i.e. not done by a nail technician) but my mother in law has her's done and they always look gorgeous.  This appealed to me because I thought that it would be a great colour with a gel type finish, and I was right.

As you'll know with all my nail varnish reviews one of the things I need is longevity and by that I mean something that doesn't chip as soon as you start to load the dishwasher.  I also love pink, most of my polish collection is pink, it seems to suit me and if it's pale it's pretty but not in your face.  This ticks both of those boxes.  I also love that as with all Sally products it's full of all the right ingredients for your nails, by that I mean that there's strengthening agent and something else in it to stop them from flaking, I have terrible flaky nails so this is great for me.  If I'm in a hurry I just do one quick coat, the coverage is good so it looks like you've got a couple of coats on there, but obviously if you want a deeper colour or for it to last a bit longer then double up on the coats.

I've recommended this to all my family and friends (before and after I became an Avon rep) because I really do rate it.  It's £9.99 in Boots and there are a LOT of colours to choose from.

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