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New Avon Adventure

Today I realised that I haven't blogged on this page since March.  Yes March!  It's now the middle of June.  Then I started thinking why this was.  Well, we went on holiday for two weeks at Easter, actually we went to Florida which was amazing and in addition to all the cool holiday stuff I found time to take myself off in the car to the mall and go beauty shopping.  I picked up quite a lot of beauty goodies, nearly all of which I'm not able to get in the UK so I felt very pleased with myself.  I'm intending to review all of these items over time so watch this space. 

Avon's new matte lipstick

The other reason is that a few weeks ago I started working as an Avon rep. I've loved Avon ever since I was a teenager, my first ever kohl pencil was a blue eyeliner which I still have (can't bring myself to chuck it away) and over the years I've had lovely products from them, not least my favourite teenage perfume Far Away which they still produce and is their best selling fragrance!!!

So, as you can imagine I have been quite full on with getting the business off the ground.  I'm a rep not a sales leader, this means I don't recruit people but just sell as it's the products I'm passionate about and want to be involved with, at least for the moment.

I've got an online store and a Facebook page and Facebook Group and I'm loving working on it.  If Avon is your thing please click links below to check it out.  You can order online from my store or if you prefer flicking through a brochure I can send you one.  Just email me on byrommaria@yahoo.co.uk

Link to my online store is http://www.avon.uk.com/beauty-aware
Link to my Avon Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Avonbeautybymaria/

I'll be back soon with some of those reviews on the holiday products.  I'm particularly in love with a Cover Girl foundation ...

The aforementioned CoverGirl foundations ...

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