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Hello and Eleven Things About Me

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This is just a quick post to say hello and thank you to everyone who has followed my blog recently, I'm aware it's a while since I've done a hello this is who I am kind of post so I thought I'd introduce myself again.  So, here are eleven things that might help you to get to know me a bit better.

I'm 43 which makes me the same age as Cameron Diaz, Sophia Vergara, Jennifer Garner and Gwynneth Paltrow.  Unfortunately that's where the similarity ends, my bank balance is way down compared to theirs!

I love the colour yellow, doesn't matter how bright it is, it makes me feel happy.

My favourite bag brand is Radley. 

I recently got a Fitbit and am now slightly obsessed with how many steps I am walking per day.

I've used Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara since it came out in 1998.  I've yet to find another mascara that suits my lashes as well as this one does, though I've moved from black/brown to just black now.

I'm a Summer person, I like the light.  Winter makes me grumpy.

At the moment I am a stay at home Mama but am going to work part time when my littlest boy starts Year One.  Can't decide what to do though, research is required.

I'm not a sports fan but I love the gym and pilates which I've done for five years. 

I still can't get my head round contouring.  I've tried, I just can't do it!

I've just paid £130 for three pairs of school shoes for my kids.  (Lies down in a darkened room to recover).  They've all got skinny ankles and high arches so I like to have them fitted properly. 

I don't like coffee, I'm a tea girl, there's something really comforting about a nice brew.

So there you are, a few things about me, thanks for following and speak to you soon.


Me on the Disney bus with two of my three boys

Hawaiian Tropic SPF 15 with added Tan

At last a sun cream with a tanning tint included, thank you Hawaiian Tropic!  I spied this in Boots and bought it out of curiosity, because even if the golden tint hadn't been all that good I wouldn't have cared, because I love the smell of Hawaiian Tropic.  Happily I was impressed with the tanning results too. 

For a start it sinks in almost straight away and dries quickly and unlike some others I've tried isn't slimy, it's a spray which I prefer as it's more accurate and there is less waste.  I used this mostly on my legs and was really pleased with the results.  As a red head my skin is very pale and I found this product made them look sun kissed and healthy for my colouring rather than too dark or orange as some of them tend to do on me.  I mentioned in the title that it's SPF 15 this means it can't be classed as a sunblock so please don't use this instead of a higher factor cream if that's what you need on holiday.  I found this perfect for me in the UK but on holiday I just put my usual SPF 30 or the kids factor 50 over the top and voila, no burning. 

It isn't a gradual tanner, it's a put on then wash off one so if that's what you're after you're better going for the usual Dove, Garnier, Johnsons etc, however if you're looking for a really nice "day" tan with the added bonus of an SPF then this ones for you.  The price is £14.99 which is quite a lot, having said that the price is in line with that of your usual sun creams so I guess it's fair enough.  As I said before I bought this in Boots but I know you can get it in Superdrug and I've seen it online as well, more recently on www.thesuncareshop.com and it was on sale there too (bargain). 

Let me know if you've tried this and what you think.

Happy Holidays!

Maria xx

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