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First Peek at the May Glossybox

*Updated 12 November 2016 with comments on the products

A lovely start to the day today, my May Glossybox arrived, I love it when it arrives on a Saturday because I have time to open it straight away and have a look and see what's inside, if it's a weekday I'm usually in a rush and it gets put aside.

So anyway, I thought I'd do a quick post showing what's in the box, it's not a proper review as I haven't tried any of the products yet but at first glance it's a good box, plus there's a lipstick and an eye pencil, always a winner for me!

This month the products are:

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate - full size product, £12.00
This is a treatment for those post shave moments, soothes skin and reduces hair re-growth and an exfoliator to ensure ingrown hairs do not occur.  Can't wait to try this!

Update ... I was right, this stuff is gorgeous, my legs are quite dry because I shave rather than wax so this felt like pampering them!  I would probably buy this again.

MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand - full size product, £6.95
I'm excited about this because I love eye pencils and it's got two blue tones, I love blue as I've got brown eyes so blue is one of my colours.  I'm going on holiday soon so I'll take this with me and this is definitely a product that will get its own review.

Update ... I knew I was going to like this, the colour is amazing and it was brilliant on holiday.  It's easy to apply and to wash off, I didn't have to use extra eye makeup remover to get rid of any excess 'blue' before bedtime.

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam - full size product, £7.95
I've never heard of Zerreau, have you?  I've never managed to get on with anything that wasn't normal shampoo, i.e that needs water so this will be interesting, I have used dry shampoo spray before and I don't really like it but sometimes it's ok in an emergency.  This product however, is a foam so I assume your hair needs a bit more assistance to re-style, the instructions say you will need to towel dry it.  It's a shampoo that doesn't need water.  I'm a bit confused.  I'll let you know how I get on!

Update ... Sadly I didn't get on with this at all, and I really wanted to!  I'm not sure if my hair is too long, too thick or just a bit bonkers but it just didn't feel right, it was damp but not wet if you see what I mean.  It smelled lovely though, I kept smelling my hair all day.

Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel - full size product, £15.95
I'm a big fan of anything to do with Aloe Vera so this is going to be great.  Another one I'll be packing to take on holiday with me.

Update ... Well, I did take this on holiday with me and just as well as unfortunately I caught the sun on my feet (too busy fussing over sun-creaming the kids to do myself) and wow they were sore.  This isn't actually sold as an After Sun product but can definitely be used as one, the Aloe was extremely soothing on my poor pink feet and the skin didn't dry out and healed quite quickly.  

Collection Cosmetics Field Day Lipstick - full size product, £2.99
Collection Cosmetics used to be Collection 2000 right?  Man, haven't they changed their branding,  their packaging used to be quite dull and plastic looking, this is really cute!  Years ago I was a big fan of their mascara because it was inexpensive and I didn't have much money and it was really easy to wash off.  This lipstick may not suit me as it's pink, the wrong sort of pink if you know what I mean but I might be mistaken, I will try it and report back. 

Update ... As predicted this shade of pink did not suit me at all which was a pity as I really liked the feel of the lipstick, it was light and quite moisturising.  Alas, it was the wrong colour - boo!  Great price though.

Now, scroll down to get close up photos of all the goodies.


Label M Protein Spray for hair

Hi Beauties, it's time to share another hair product I've discovered, my love of hair products strikes again!  I think I've mentioned how much I like Label M products before and I've been a fan of their Curl Cream for a long time now but I have recently discovered their Protein Spray.  The one pictured below is just a little 50ml spray I got from the Look Fantastic website, I thought I'd try it before I bought a full sized one, I love tester products as it's a great way to find out if you like the product before you invest, it's particularly good for products that are a bit on the expensive side.  A full sized 250ml spray costs £13.25 from lookfantastic.com while the small 50ml version is about £4.50.  If you haven't been on the Look Fantastic website then I can definitely recommend it, there's loads of great stuff on there. 

Does It Work?

Unsurprisingly, Label M Protein Spray didn't disappoint me, it smells gorgeous,  "a moisturising blend of jasmine, sweet pea, vanilla, wheat and soy" and is used on towel dried hair as a leave in conditioner.  My hair felt really shiny and strong (that must have been the protein!), I was particularly pleased with the shiny aspect as my hair generally doesn't have much of a shine to it no matter what I put on it! I've also used it as a pick me up on dry hair. 

The Label M Range

The Label M range is really quite extensive and was designed by Toni & Guy for their salons which is where my hairdresser recommended the curling cream, I have also used the curl spray but prefer the cream as it gives a more defined curl and I think it has a nicer scent.  Label M can be purchased from Toni & Guy salons but it is quite expensive, so I tend to find it online where you can get it a bit cheaper.  The 250ml bottle is better value but if you're travelling the 50ml is very handy as its easy to transport.  My regular leave in conditioner is from the Aussie range and I will continue to use that and probably use this a couple of times a week or when my hair needs a treat. 


Label M Protein Spray

Rimmel nail polish - Sweet Retreat

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Sharing this with you quickly as it's my absolute favourite nail varnish of the moment.  I'm a fan of Rimmel as they are really good value and there's always a huge range of colours.

I picked up this Rita Ora for Rimmel nail varnish when I was out shopping the other day, this post is about the pink one, I also tried a blue one which looks gorgeous in the bottle, alas did not suit me at all though it was a beautiful colour, my pale hands couldn't carry off that shade. 

The reason I am wearing this one all the time at the moment is partly due the colour, it's a nice fresh Spring pink called Sweet Retreat which seems to go with everything and also it's a base coat, polish and a top coat all in one so this means that chipping is reduced.  When I've been in a hurry I've just popped one coat on and it's been really good for a day or so but obviously two coats is better.  It doesn't dry very quickly so you do need to remember to leave it to dry properly, it's not a 60 second drier.  One of the best things about this product is that when you take it off you don't need to scrub away at your nails in order to get it to come off, it slides off really easily with polish remover which is great if you're in a hurry.

I'm on the look out for another couple of these as I'm going on holiday soon and they would be perfect to pack and take along.

I'd love to know if you've tried any of the Rita Ora nail varnishes and what you thought of them.


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