Tuesday, 10 February 2015

January Beauty Favourites

January seems to have been a long month and to be honest I'm really quite glad to get to February.  There's still snow on the grass but hopefully that won't last too much longer, I know that makes me sound like a spoil sport but to me snow = cold school runs and cold dog walks and I hate being cold!  So goodbye snow, please go away and don't come back.  Thank you.

Right that's the weather whinge over and done with, onto the ... drum roll please .... January Faves!

Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk
I'm sure I've mentioned before how much I love Palmolive Naturals, in fact I know I've raved about the Honey and Nourishing Milk one before but I'd never tried the Coconut one, it was a buy one get one free in Superdrug so I grabbed them both.  The main thing I love about Palmolive is the scent, it's very gentle but it lingers after you get out of the shower and it seems to make the bathroom smell really nice too!

FM Beta Glucan Active 3 in 1 Cleanser

This cleanser is from the FM range, its new in their latest brochure and costs £9.99.  Not having ever been a big fan of cleanser I was a bit dubious about this as I'm a face wash kind of girl but this is lovely.  Its very creamy and light and doesn't leave a film on your skin.  You don't have to wash it off but I splashed it off with water rather than use a cotton pad.  I needed a little bit of help with my eye make up but I wear quite a lot of mascara so that didn't surprise me.  It is hypoallergenic so didn't irritate my skin which I was pleased about as my skin has a tendency to be dry.  If you want to find out a bit more about FM products and the Beta Glucan range please see my other blog http://mariabyrombeauty.blogspot.com (it's called FM Perfume & Cosmetics by Maria).

Max Factor Lipstick "Rosewood"
This is an all time favourite lipstick of mine, I've been using it for years and lost count of how many I've gone through.  It's the one I always go back to and use when I am having a day where I need to know that my make up is going to go right I always reach for this one.  It is long lasting and fairly neutral but not nude which means that while it doesn't stand out very much, it does look like you've got something on your lips, it's subtle.  It also seems to go with everything, clothes, different eyeshadows, everything which is why I know I can always rely on it!  This lipstick is available from www.superdrug.com for £6.99 (normally £8.99).

That's it for now, see you for the February favourites!

Maria xx


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