Thursday, 8 January 2015

I've re-discovered ... Rimmel Kohl Pencil

Hey there beauty bloggers, here's another "I've Re-discovered" post.  I was so pleased when I stumbled upon this eye pencil again, I've had it for ages, in fact this is my second one as I lost the first one (it's probably at the bottom of a handbag somewhere).  This is the Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil in Jungle Green.  When it says its a soft kohl pencil it really means it, it literally glides on and gives such a great colour.  Its not grass green, more deep green but can look a bit bluey-green in the right light.  It seem to work well with my eyes which are brown.  It's long lasting and you need eye make up remover to get the last of it off (always a good indication of an eyeliner staying power I think).  Best of all you can buy it from Superdrug and its only £2.99!  Well worth having this little addition to your kohl collection I think.   I've also got a blue and a black in this Rimmel range but this one is my favourite.

These two photos are the ones that show off the kohl pencil colour best, I took a few, some of them were very unflattering!  The colour on my lips is Max Factor number 833 in "Rosewood".



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