Saturday, 3 January 2015

10 Songs To Get Me Through The January Blues ...

January is not my favourite time of the year, I know it is for some (for example my eldest son as his birthday is later in the month) but I think its safe to say that for most people January is just quite dull, cold, and because its after Christmas a lot of people are limping towards pay day and dreading the credit card bills that are about the drop on the doormat.  The excitement of Christmas and New Year has passed and it just feels like Winter is endless.  This is certainly how I felt last year and its quite depressing.  So this year I've compiled a list of my favourite songs on my Ipod that remind me of happy times and will just listen to them to make me feel better till February arrives.  It's a very eclectic mix and you have to remember I'm quite old (42) so some of them won't be on most people's playlists (lol).

So here they are (not in any particular order) ...

1.  Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
Love this song, so upbeat and my kids and I sing it in the car all the time.  She's such a sassy little madam as well, I love her.

2.  Love Plus One - Haircut 100
Ahh, reminds me of being in primary school, its got such a gentle beat but uplifting too.  Everybody loved Nick Heyward the lead singer as well, he was a bit of a pin up, the main one in all the pop magazines until Spandau Ballet came on the scene with Duran Duran and knocked poor Nick off his top pin up spot!  I wonder if he ever forgave them?

3.  Happy - Pharrell Williams
Yes, I know its a total cliche but this does make me feel happy, this was Last Year's Song in the Car on the Way To School, through rain, snow, heat, this song always perks us up, plus Pharrell is a bit of a cutie too.

4.  Just Can't Get Enough - The Saturdays
This is a really shout it at the top of your lungs and bop around your bedroom kinda song.  Plus I like to pretend I AM one of The Saturdays when I'm singing it (I'll be the older, taller, worldly-wise one, the one with the cellulite).

5.  Convoy - C.W. McCall
Now this is a very old song, from a 1970s film (called Convoy funnily enough), I can't remember where I first heard it perhaps on a record of my Mum and Dad's?  Anyway, this song always makes me laugh the words are funny and its a great song for the car plus the kids now sing it, my youngest son was singing "oooh Convoy" at 3 (he's now 5) and that was very cute.

6.  Born With A Smile On My Face - Stephanie DeSykes
Another 1970s fave of mine because it's a song my Dad likes, he says it reminds him of me, he's lying, I was not born with a smile on my face, I screamed the place down for the first year of my life, its a wonder they ever had any more kids to be honest.  Anyway it reminds me of being little and it reminds me to smile, smiling is good for your cheek muscles and doesn't cause as many wrinkles as frowning does ...

7.  Into The Groove - Madonna
Ah, Madonna.  How we loved her and this song in 1986 (I was a teenager).  She was just So Flipping Cool and we all wanted to be her.  Less so now, but that's because she's overdone it with the exercise and has scarily skinny arms.  But she was great and this song reminds me of being cocky and carefree (and not doing much homework I seem to remember) in secondary school before we had to start doing real work for GSCEs.

8.  Call on Me - Eric Prydz
Yes this is very cheesy but its such a bouncy little song and reminds me of a fitness DVD I used to do a few years ago that I loved, which actually I got amazing results with, must dig it out and have another go.  It just makes me want to dance.

9.  About You Now - Sugababes
In early 2008 I started a new job and this used to be on the radio all the time on the way to work.  I'd just left a job I really didn't like and it was just such a relief to be out of there and working somewhere else.  I really like the Sugababes, you can really belt it out!

10.  I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
I used to love running to this song in the days before my knees started to ache and I was advised by the doctor to power walk rather than run (hereditary arthritis looming I fear) so now I power walk to it when I'm out with the dog, when he's excited he pulls on the lead so its hard not to walk fast!

What would you have on your playlist?



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