Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My YouTube and Facebook

Hey beauty bloggers, hope you're all doing well.  Ok, so just recently I've been posting reviews and things to my YouTube channel as well as blogging.  I really wasn't sure about it for a while but then decided to just go for it.  I think I have a tendency to talk for too long (this is typical of me) so I need to make them shorter but practice makes perfect, right?  Please wander on over and have a look and subscribe if you like, I'm planning to do lots more, I'm still learning so it's not high tech or particularly posh but I hope to make it a friendly chatty place though sometimes I might be interrupted by the dog, you'll have to forgive him!  

I've also revived my Beauty Aware Facebook page which really did need some love, sometimes I prefer to post beauty stuff on there rather than on my Twitter page and it really needs some life and comments injected into it so please have a look there too.  If any of you have Facebook pages relating to your blog please let me know as I'd love to hop over and have a read and a like!  The links to my Facebook and YouTube are on my blog homepage.

I also just want to say thank you for all your comments on my blog posts, I do read and appreciate them all.

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