Friday, 24 January 2014

January Magazine Review

Anyone that knows me will know that I am a bit of a magazine junkie, I don't sit down and read them cover to cover one after the other but I like to have a pile on the coffee table to dig into when I (eventually) sit down at the end of the day.  Seeing as I have so many I thought I'd share with you some of the beauty things the magazines have been talking about through January.

Dry Skin?  Try these!
The first big thing is Winter Skin.  Most people will suffer with dry skin in the Winter due to central heating and harsh cold weather.  Some of the recommended remedies pictured below are moisturisers, facewashes, cleansers and masks from Origins, Vaseline, Guinot and Cetaphil.  I've used Cetaphil facewash before, its a really good wash off cleanser, similar consistency to the E45 but lighter and it really doesn't dry your skin out, I think it costs about £9.00.  Someone also recommended it for my 6 year old who has very dry skin bordering on eczema on his little face, so I tried it and when I asked him how it felt he said his face didn't feel tight anymore - bless.

Or, you could try the Vichy (pictured below) which seems to be recommended by Kylie!  Its funny, Kylie always looks so good, its hard to imagine her ever having skin woes!

Kylie uses Vichy

I was also interested to see that Paul & Joe have a couple of new products out that had been reviewed, I've only recently been made aware of Paul & Joe and haven't used any of their cosmetics yet though I do have a lipstick on order from Beauty Bay that I'm going to try.  What struck me about these products pictured below is not only the product, one of which is brightening pearls, (I've had Guerlain ones before and they were great) but the packaging, its so pretty and summery, just what we need on a dull January day.  Actually I'm so in love the thought of the powder pearls I really might have to get some!  Let me know if you have any Paul & Joe in your make up bags and what you think of it, I'd be so interested.

Lovely powder from Paul & Joe

Now onto lipstick, this magazine ran a four page spread on what lipstick you should wear for your skin tone, which ones were day lippies and evening lippies.  I really enjoyed it.  I tend to play it a bit safe with lipstick, I stay with the colours I know suit me rather than experiment so I was interested to see that they recommended a bright orange and a purple as two of the three recommended for fair skin like mine.  Not sure if I'll be brave enough to try either of those colours myself, maybe one day though?

Bright colours for fair skin ... never say never!
Finally, I saw this little snippet in Zest magazine, its more health than beauty but I though it worth mentioning.  Its a series of little books called "Make It Happen Manuals" which are basically small self-help books you can dip into when you need a confidence boost, feeling stressed, unhappy or can't sleep.  They are £7.99 and apparently not "preachy" or full of complicated explanations, just affirmations that are easy to read.  I think I might need to try the "Make You Calm" one!!

Make It Happen Manuals £7.99

Magazines I read this month were:  Marie-Claire, Zest, NOW, Glamour and LOOK.

Roll on February editions!


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